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Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)
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Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)
This mammoth new airport is situated in Sepang, about 50km south of Malaysia's capital city of Kuala Lumpur. Covering a vast area of over 10,000 hectares, the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is one of the largest in the world, and also one of the most advanced.

Arrival Information
Arriving passengers, both domestic and international will pass through the arrival concourse located on Level 3. Passengers arriving at Satellite A will have to board the Aerotrain to reach the MTB. Arrival at the MTB would be on the Mezzanine Level (Level 4) and access to the Arrival Level would be via lifts or escalators. These are located a short distance away from the Aerotrain. More info

Departure Information
The Departure Level is on Level 5 of the MTB, and caters to both domestic and international departures. There are a total of 216 check-in counters along six lanes, identified by alphabets A to M (excluding I). For tour groups, check-in counters are available at the Ground Level of MTB. Ticket prices would already include a Passenger Service Charge (PSC) of RM40.00 for international passengers or RM5.00 for domestic passengers. All domestic and some international departures are from the MTB while Sat.A caters solely to international departures. The MTB is linked, by an automated train shuttle, with the four-armed satellite building (Satellite A) where international passengers make connections to other flights.

To speed up immigration clearance for departing passengers, there are 61 counters, and for arriving passengers, they can move rapidly through 69 immigration counters, 16 transfer counters and 32 customs counters as well as retrieve their baggage from one of 12 carousels (10 for international passengers and 2 for domestic passengers). The baggage handling system will employ a fully automated state-of-the-art system using High Speed Belt Conveyors. More info

Check-in Counters
There are a total of 216 check in counters, identified by alphabets A to M (excluding I). Multi check in services are available, designed for convenience to all passengers (arriving, departing or in transit). More info

Baggage Handling System
The operational concept is based on a 24-hour daily operation providing check-in service anytime and anywhere. Incorporating automatic bar-code sorting control, 4 level in-line baggage security screening and high speed conveyor belts. BHS operates efficient and safe transportation of inbound and outbound bags between the Main Terminal Building and Satellite Building.More info

Transit & Transfer
Transit passengers are not required to go through any formalities. As you disembark, you will be issued with a plastic transit card. You will be free to walk around the Satellite Terminal Building (STB) until it is time for you to board the flight for your onward journey.

Do ensure that your baggage are automatically transfer to your connecting flight at the Transfer Counter. First class passengers and frequent flyers, could make use of the lounges. Papers, magazine, refreshments, snacks, telephones and television would be made available at these lounges. So relax and enjoy the facilities in these lounges until boarding time.

During transit you are also welcome to do some duty free shopping. More info

Travelers Service
The Travellers Service Centre located at Level 3 of the Main Terminal Building is easily identifiable in that it is one of the more handsome outfits on that floor. It sports a warm reception fronted by friendly personnel in startling red jackets who are ever ready to serve you. This is where you would want to go when you want your invited guests, associates and clients met, greeted and taken care of upon arrival at the KLIA.

The airport, as we well know, is a large place and getting lost is easy. To smoothen the passage, the Travellers Service Centre is offering several thoughtful facilities. They include providing escort, assistance and portage to arriving passengers straight from the aerobridge to their waiting vehicles or hosts; making departure arrangements like reserving tickets, collecting them and checking-in the passenger for the send off; and arranging for half-day tours for those in transit. This service also includes providing communication and assistance should there be problems encountered with airport procedures on the way.

Passengers who come to this country without prior arrangements or reservations can also seek help from the Travellers Service Centre. As they have contracted rates with a list of hotels, the centre can assist in making hotel arrangements, book domestic tour packages, advise travellers on their choice of accommodation according to their budget, arrange for transfers to hotels and give directions as to where and from whom they can purchase tickets for their chosen mode of transport.

The Travellers Service Centre also provides transit passengers (with more than six hours to kill) with specially designed half-day tours to attractions within the vicinity. This way, passengers gain a more memorable experience of their visit here. The arrangement comes with a fee, of course, and it varies with the type of tour you want. You could rent handphones, rent a car and so on. Travellers Service Centre is a one-stop centre for all your travelling needs.

Tips for Foreigners
Time Zone
Malaysia's standard time is 8 hours of Universal Co-ordinated Time (formerly known as Greenwich Mean Time)

A tropical sun and clouds laden with the making of a sudden downpour compete for the skies of Malaysia, with the odds on the sun. Malaysia's seasons follow the monsoon winds, which splash rains inland from September to December on the west coast of the peninsula, only to be overtaken by sunshine within the hour.

Rains arrive later, between October and February, on the east coast of peninsular Malaysia and in Sabah and Sarawak. Malaysia's weather, however, is generally warm, humid and sunny all year round, with temperatures wavering between 32 degrees Celsius during the day and 22 degrees Celsius at night.

The Malaysian currency note is the Ringgit Malaysia, which is equivalent to 100 sen. With the introduction of the new currency control measures on October 1, travellers have to declare the money that they are bringing in or taking out of the country. Under the new foreign exchange control measures travellers are allowed to carry into and out of the country, Ringgit notes amounting to not more that RM 1,000. They are also allowed to carry out of Malaysia foreign currency and travellers cheques not exceeding the equivalent of RM 10,000.

Thus from October 1, everyone who passes through the country's 34 entry points are required to fill in a declaration form and submit it to the Immigration authority when arriving or departing the country.

Facilities & Services (More info)



The Covered Car Park has a total of 6,208 parking lots, and other conveniences such as:

Trolleys Placed in specific areas at each level
Access to MTB This is via two link-bridges located on Level 2 of Block B and C. They take you to Level 2 of the MTB
FIDS Flight Information Display System (FIDS), which display arrivals and departures, are located at each lift lobby
Shopping and F&B A few outlets are located within the car park complex for the convenience of users

Lifts These provide access to all floors of the car park
Rented cars Passengers can drop off their rented cars at the Ground Level of Block D of the Covered Car Park
Parking Rate RM 3.50 per hour or part thereof or RM 42.00 twelfth (12) to twenty fourth (24) hour or part thereof. Payment must be made at the Auto or Manual pay stations, before you return to your vehicle
MTB = Main Terminal Building

The Uncovered Car Park offers 5,509 parking lots. Ideal for day-trippers of those intending to spend a long time at the airport, it is located towards the left of the Covered Car Park behind the Air Traffic Control Tower. A total of 2,644 motorcycle parking are also available here.

Access to the MTB from this car park is via a complimentary shuttle bus service which picks passengers up at various points within the car park. The journey covers the car park to the Airport Maintenance Centre (AMC), MTB, Pan Pacific Hotel and back to the car park. Pick-up points for return to the car park is at the end of the arrival area at the MTB.

Parking charges are RM8.40 for every six hours of part thereof, and RM1.00 per entry for motorcycles. Payment of parking fees should be made at the Paystations at the East of West Plaza of the Uncovered Car Park Administration Office located just before the MTB. The East Plaza has 2 Auto and 1 Manual Paystation while the West Plaza has 3 Auto and 1 Manual Paystation.
Sources: http://www.klia.com.my/

Office Hour (GMT + 8 hours) : Monday - Friday (09:00am - 1:00pm ; 2:00pm - 6:00pm)

malaysia hotel & tour reservation
malaysia hotel & tour reservation

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