Tiga Park Islands / Pulau Tiga Park

PulauTigaThe Pulau Tiga Park comprises three islands –  Tiga Island, Kalampunian Besar Island and Kalampunian Damit Island situated in the Kimanis Bay, off the west coast of Sabah. Gazetted as a National Park in 1987, it covers approximately 15,257 hectares of sea and underwater habitat including the three islands. Lush forests serve as a soothing green backdrop for white sandy beaches and the clear unpolluted waters of the coral fringed seas.

Situated north of Kuala Penyu, opposite the largely swampy Klias Peninsula, is a group of islands with coral reefs and sandy beaches. Tiga Park Island is a fascinating spot rarely visited by tourists. Gazetted in 1978, it covers 158 square kilometers, most of which is sea. The islands has been dubbed ‘Survivor islands’ from a television series which was filmed here in 1996.

Pulau_Tiga_ResortThe park is named after the largest island, Tiga Island, whose name is derived from three undulating humps visible from a distance when approaching the island. The islands were designated a forest reserve in 1933. The Park has particularly interesting flora and fauna and a rich marine life, with good diving and snorkelling over the reefs.

The administrative centre of the Pulau Tiga Park is in the Pulau Tiga island, however there is an administrative offices branch in Kuala Penyu town.

pulau tiga mudMud Bath
The Pulau Tiga Park is also known for the mud volcanoes which are still actively emitting gaseous and periodical eruptions. This mud volcanoes are popular attractions among visitors to the main island. The mud volcanoes found here is the only few found in Sabah (the other being on Pulau Bakkungan Kechil of Turtle Islands Park, Sandakan). It is believed that it possesses medicinal and therapeutic values.

Scuba Diving & Snorkelling
Among the main recreation activities in Pulau Tiga Parks is scuba diving and snorkeling. Areas which this activities were allowed were divided into zones. Please refer to the management for the recreational activities zones.

Outdoor social gathering such as picninc (Pantai Asmara, Pagong-pagong and Ramis) and overnight camping (designated site within the Base Camp) can be done in many of the existing shelters. These shelters are equipped with tables and seating of varied design and materials. They can also be lighted at night. These facilities are quite close to the beach. Others facilities are public toilet and shower room

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