Kuching Waterfront

Waterfront Kuching
Kuching WaterfrontMore than any other feature, the Waterfront epitomizes how Kuching has modernized itself without losing any of its charm. Kuching is a riverine city. Its location on the Sarawak River was chosen not only for its strategic and commercial importance, but also for its enchanting natural beauty. In days gone by the river was the city's main highway. The river s...
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Sarawak Museum

  Sarawak Museum This Kuching landmark is the finest museum in Southeast Asia. For over a century, a succession of conscientious curators have collected and catalogued the single most extensive archive and exhibit of Bornean history, art and ethnography anywhere in the world. As the most prominent repository of Bornean culture, the Sarawak Museum is also an active pat...
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Sarawak Cultural Village (Living Museum)

Sarawak Cultural Village
Sarawak Cultural Village (Living Museum) Known as the 'Living Museum', the Cultural Village was set up to preserve and showcase Sarawak's cultural heritage. Located at Pantai Damai, Santubong, just 32km from the state capital, Kuching, it is the perfect place to get introduced to local culture and lifestyle. Sprawled across 17 acres, there are about 150 people living in the...
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Sarawak Handicraft Centre

Handicraft Centre Kuching
Sarawak Handicraft Centre Many thanks and deep appreciation to the state government for giving the historical Round Tower to Sarawak Craft Council (SCC) to showcase Sarawak handicraft products. The Round Tower was one of the first buildings to be constructed of brick after the disastrous fire that destroyed most of the neighbouring wooden shophouses in Kuching in 1884. It w...
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