Kenyir Lake

Located approximately 55 km from Kuaia Terengganu, the Kenyir Lake is reputed to be one of the largest and most fascinating man-made lake in the world. Covering an area of 369 sq km, it is also Malaysia's largest rock-filled hydroelectric dam. When the area was inundated by water, most of the hills were above the water level, thus creating about 340 man-made islands. Surrounded...
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Melati Lake / Tasik Melati

Tasik Melati
Melati Lake / Tasik Melati Melati Lake , located just 8km north of Kangar, this shallow lake is an ideal place for many relaxing activities. Here, people can be seen setting up picnics, jogging, boating or just relaxing under the shade. There are elevated walkways that enables you to walk over the lake and take a look at what is there at the bottom of the shallow lake. ...
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Pedu Lake

Pedu Lake Kedah
  Pedu Lake is Kedah's newest tourist attraction. Among the recreational activities available here include fishing, water-skiing, swimming and picnicking. It is a retreat of lush jungle surroundings, home to a wide spectrum of flora and fauna as well as a great place for nature lovers. Here, one will be able to see how wild bees gather honey. Among the facilities pr...
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