Kapas Island (Pulau Kapas)

Kapas Island, Terengganu
Kapas Island abounds in numerous deserted, white sandy beaches lined with shady palm trees to make a perfect niche to laze on. Relaxation is the foremost occupation here. It offer a refreshing change from everyday haste. The island is just 4 nautical miles from Marang. It's is an ideal place to break away and chill it out. Kapas Island is made up of two islands Gem Islan...
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Gem Island (Pulau Gemia)

Gem Island, Terengganu
Gem Island (Pulau Gemia) is a privately owned island, about 800 metres off Kapas Island. Gem Island had white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, beautiful corals and fascinating marine life. In another effort to preserve wildlife, one of the beaches on Gem Island is used as a turtle hatchery. Terengganu is renowned as one of the few places where turtles (including the gian...
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