Batik / Songket Centre

Songkek Centre, Kota Bharu, Kelantan
Songket, aptly dubbed Malaysia's "cloth of gold", is a proud legacy of the Kelantan and Pattani courts.Only 4km north of Kota Bahru at Kampung Penambang is a "songket" weaving factory. Here silk material is woven with gold and silver thread.Originally the silk material came from Thailand while the gold and silver threads were imported from India . Once strictly reserved ...
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Batik Factory

Batik Printing, Kota Bharu, Kelantan
Batik Printing is indigenous to Kelantan. In the past, basic cotton materials were printed using the stamp block method. Now much more sophisticated methods are used on a variety of materials, both for attire and as wall hangings. A visit to the factory will gives an insight into the entire process of batik printing. Some of the bigger factories are at Kampung Puteh, Kub...
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Batik Art Village (Atma Alam)

Atma Alam
Atma Alam, Langkawi's original Art Village in Padang Mat Sirat was made possible by a young couple set out to realize a long-time dream. Aza Osman, an oil painter and Roshadah Yusof, a batik artist, have created a wonderful heaven of art and culture, showcasing the creative energy of a generation. Atma Alam welcomes the individual and group to take part in the village at...
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