Sibu, Sarawak


Sibu, Sarawaksarawak-sibu-travel_agency_in_malaysia

The trip along Rejang River is arguably one of Southest Asia’s most rewarding travel experiences. A lifeline to the people of the vast hinterland, the river is alive with boats, people and cargo. From the thriving port of Sibu to deep into Sarawak’s vast interior, the Rejang offers visitors the chance to experience life on Malaysia’s mightiest river. The best way to get to know the Rejang is to embark on one of the World’s last great river journey.


Malaysia’s longest river, the Rejang is formed by the confluence of the Balui and Baleh Rivers, over 400 miles (640km) from the coast. At this point it is already 200m across, and by the time it reach Sibu, which is still 80 miles (130km) from the sea, it is nearly a mile (1.6km) wide. The Rejang is the main highway for a host of different ethnic groups and societies, from the cosmopolitan citizens of prosperous Sibu to remote bands of hunter-gatherers living deep in the vast rainforest.

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