Pulau Singa Besar


Pulau Singa Besar:Area: 636 ha, 6.5km long from north to south and 2.5km from east to west. It consists mainly of steep hilly land covered by tropical forest. 75% of the land with gradient of 20° or more. 3 primary watersheds. The Sg. Botol and Sg. Pantai flowing down to the east of the island and the Sg. Sepai to the northen coast. The top soil (kekura series), is thin layered. Towards the southern part of the island the land is rocky and devoid of soil. Limestone outcrops are prominent on the north eastern part of the island. The island geology is unique and has a formation called the Singa Formation.


Monkeys, deer, iguanas and peacocks roam about freely on Pulau Singa Besar, a wildlife sanctuary located southwest of Pulau Langkawi. Picnic on the pristine beaches and enjoy swimming in the surrounding waters. To preserve the island’s natural surroundings, no hotels or chalets have been built. Instead, camping is encouraged. However, visitors will have to bring along their own tents and camping equipment if they wish to spend the night on the island.

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