Marang fishing village, located at the mouth of the Marang River,is a nice, relaxing spot for visitors and travellers, as described by some visitors of Marang, the village has a nice, tranquil feel to it. The residents of Marang village are nice and friendly. Also, inorder to get to Cotton Island(Pulau Kapas), then most visitors would have to stop by at Marang village, then hop onto a boat to the island.

Try to conjure up an image of a very peaceful village with beautiful wooden houses, children playing games such as hopscotch and marbles, cows grazing in the field, swaying coconut trees, a fresh, cool breeze and a spectacular curve of white, sandy beach.


However, Marang village is different now, as concrete buildings have now replaced the once traditional wooden houses, thus lost it’s once tranquil feel to it. The villagers however, are trying to return everything as what it was once. There are still plenty of village activities for visitors to participate in. Marang has not lost it’s touch just yet.

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