Lata Asam Jawa (Lata Bayu)

Lata Bayu

This is a very old recreation area and also a renowned spot in the northernmost part of the country. The famous Baling area, a town where meetings with the then Communist insurgents were held! Some 3 kilometers out of town and a branch road to north Kedah, places like Sik, Weng etc. On the way [15 kilometers later] in the village of Assam Java, good and prominent signage directs you to 3 kilometers Park road!

The Waterfall is a finale to series of rapids ending up with a cascades. Total height of the continuous slide is about 30 meters high. A beautiful pathway follows the left bank all the way until a level plain on top of the rapids. There is only one small vertical fall of 2 meters at the end of this stretch.

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