Kemaman & Cukai

The capital for Kemaman district is Chukai, Some basic infrastructure such as shopping mall and cinema can be found in the city area. Chukai is famous for seafood and good coffee.

Tong Juan Restaurant and the coffee, toast and kaya spread of Kedai Kopi Hai Ping.

hai-peng tong_juan_stuffed_crab

Adjoining is Kuala Kemaman, a little fishing village which is famous of otak-otak, satar and ikan bakar. The jetty at Kuala Kemaman river are crowded with home coming fishing boat every evening. Perhaps they are one of the supply sources for the yummie fresh catched crab, otak-otak and ikan bakar in Kemaman area.

satarMasjid Kampung Tuan (Kampung Tuan Mosque)

Located along sungai Limbang,Chukai, the wooden mosque was build in 1830 by Syed Abdul Rahman Abdul Samad, a religious teacher from Pattani. The architecture of the mosque is very unique vernacular heritage design with four tier singgora roof, the upper tier ‘buah buton’ made entirely of copper represent five pillars of islam with lotus flora motif on the top, probably the influence of the lost Malay kingdom of Langkasuka. The building itself was made of Chengal wood and wall panel make up piece by piece like a jigsaw puzzle know as “diding janda berhias “. Look up for the mihrab of the mosque, its being carved from huge Chengal timber log.

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