Islamic Museum


The first museum of its kind in the region, this cultural gem houses important artifacts that chronicle the development of Islamic culture within Sarawak and throughout the Malay-Indonesian archipelago.

The museum is the proud custodian of the oldest extant Islamic artifact in Malaysia, an inscription stone found in Terengganu dating back to AD1302. And within its collections are curios from as far a field as China, India and Persia.


The museum’s main gallery houses artifacts and manuscripts which recount the arrival of Islam to the Malay-Indonesian archipelago.

The secondary gallery boasts an impressive collection of Islamic architecture and decorative arts found in mosques, palaces and forts dating from the early 7th to 8th centuries. Of particular interest are “Jubin” or ceramic tiles dating from the Safavid period of Persia in the 17th century. Also on display are wonderfully intricate tiles from Syria and Turkey. The museum’s collection of ceramics extends to Persian earthenware bowls, and ‘ jars, mugs, bowls, plates, pitchers and vases with the earliest dating back to the 10th century.


A section is also devoted to Muslim scholars who made great advances in various fields of learning. Another section is devoted to Muslim astronomers and medics. Items displayed include astro-navigational instruments such as astrolabes, which were early astro-navigation instruments.

Rare, ancient science and literary religious manuscripts as well as outstanding Islamic calligraphy dating back to the 15th century are also on display.

Other exhibits of interest include Islamic weaponry dating back to the 17th century, such as keris (kris), daggers, swords and firearms from the Ottoman period, and body armour from the Persian Qajar period (1840-1850). There are also coins of various periods and items of trade on display.

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri ( 0900 – 1645hrs ) ; Sat, Sun & Public Holiday ( 1000 1600hrs )

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