Gunung Senyum Caves


The Gunung Senyum Caves consists of at least 20 Caves, which are fascinating to explore. Which cave exploration and camping in the shade of tropical foliage are common activities, scientific research is also gaining in popularity among students and scientists. Cave explorers must be prepared for the smell of bats, limestone rocks and the sightmg of strange creatures and insects.

How to get there
By Road : From the mainKuantan to Kuala Lumpur road in the Temerloh area, there are 2 or 3 turn offs all signposted to Hutan Lipur (Recreational Forest) Gunung Senyum. One is by the east end of the bridge at Temerloh, one at Kampung Awah. Follow the signs. 40km, from Bandar Pusat Jengka.

By Water : Visitors who love challenging activities would want to endure the ‘crossing over’ Sungai Pahang, that drastically streams down to Gunung Senyum. Sungai Pahang is promising a memorable experience for everyone.

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