Endau Rompin State Park


Some of the most visually stunning tourist attractions are found in Pahang. The Endau Rompin Park is no exception.

The rainforests of the Endau Rompin has been in existence for over one million years. In fact, it is one of the world’s oldest tropical rainforests. Believed to be older than the Amazon jungle and the Congo, Endau Rompin has remained virtually unchanged through the millennia.

Endau Rompin boasts some of the most exotic species ever found. Here, its flora and fauna have evolved into a unique eco-system of exotic species found nowhere else on earth.

Endau Rompin is one of the major remaining lowland forests in Malaysia, covering 80,000 hectares of virgin jungle which straddles the states of Pahang and Johor.

This nature reserve offers a whole spectrum of activities for the adventurous, including camping, jungle trekking, bird-watching, boating and fishing.

Endau Rompin also provides the opportunity to get back to nature and experience the mysterious secrets of its wilderness.

The Catch of The Season for Ardent Anglers
Some of the best fishing spots in Malaysia can be found within the Endau Rompin grounds. The most popular sites are along the lower reaches of Sungai Kinchin and Sungai Kemapan. The best time for fishing is from the months of February to April and from June to August. Fishes caught here are noticeably larger than those caught in rivers elsewhere in Peninsular Malaysia.

Jungle Trekking Amidst Lush Greenery
One of the best ways to discover the breathtaking beauty of Endau Rompin is by foot. You can take a leisurely trek through the jungle, shaded by trees which go back hundreds of years. Imagine the sight of toadstools and multicoloured fungsi that greet you along the way. And rainbow hued butterflies fluttering past as you gaze up into the dense canopy above.

For those who enjoy physically demanding activities, hike along the treacherous terrains of the park. Along the way, your Orang Asli guide can entertain you with exciting mysteries and mythologies of Endau Rompin. Pitch a tent and relax in silence which will only be interrupted by the chirping of birds and the rustling leaves.

Don’t forget to visit Padang Tujuh, a site for bonsai trees. Another not to be missed spot is Mahkota Waterfalls which is a cascading 50-meter fall. Interestingly, the Kelapa Gading Cave, which is 25 metres high, is situated in the midst of the waterfall.

River Safaris Unlike Anywhere Else
The park’s name is really a combination of Endau and Rompin rivers. These magnificent rivers of Endau Rompin is a spectacular landmark of the park and offers some of the most spectacular views in Malaysia.

Enjoy the sight of foaming clear water rushing over enormous rocks and boulders as it gently meanders into sparkling pools. Some of the most breathtaking waterfalls are also found here along the three main rivers of Endau Rompin, in addition to the many smaller cascades that dot the landscape.

The Fascinating Orang Asli
One of the greatest thrills of discovering Endau Rompin is of course meeting the Orang Asli or aborigines. This indigenous group of Malaysians are both shy and retiring, yet extremely courteous once you’ve gained their trust.

They commonly live in makeshift huts in forested areas along the rivers as this provide them with basic needs such as water, food and transportation. Having lived in the jungles all their lives, the Orang Asli has a thorough knowledge or the jungle and its treasures. In fact, they can identify all the plants and use them for curing ailments from broken bones to mental illness! A number of these plants and herbs have been scientifically proven for their medicinal properties.

Humble and hospitable, the Orang Asli continue to maintain their simple, traditional lifestyle. They also act as tourist guides to supplement their incomes.

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