After 5 years of research, planning and development the result is D-Paradise Tropical Fruit World and Aboriginal Native Village. The World’s largest collections of tropical, landscaped garden full of fun, adventure and discovery.

Assault your senses – see the fruit, smell them, pick and taste the wonderful varieties on offer. One of the many ‘must see’ attractions is the unique, authentic ‘live’ Aboriginal Village.

D-Paradise’s Flora Garden
From the specialized planting of our fascinating tropical flowers to the beautiful water-lily and lotus ponds, you can see a plethora of budding, flowering and fruiting species of thousands of species of plants spread over 168 acres of landscaped gardens originating from all corners of the world.

We showcase the worlds largest collections of cacti, pumpkins and monkey cup ( pitcher ) plants as well as over 800 species of tropical fruits and vegetables.

These include continental species that should no even be growing in Malaysia – grapes, strawberries, raspberries, avocadoes to name but a few can all, be found flourishing in the park.

D-Paradise’s Fauna World

One of D-Paradise’s main objectives is to create a sanctuary for the protection and conservation of endangered species as well as providing a the opportunity for overseas and local visitors alike to enjoy the truly unique experience of a world – class eco-agricultural tourism park.

Accordingly we have sanctuaries for the Pangolin ant-eater, Konkang koala and Iguanas as well as a rare bird aviary.

Adventure and fun is the key to learning so we let the children get up close and touch the animals through our petting zoo, rabbit enclosure, deer and goat range plus a crab farm and dragonfly enclosure.

Rare Ant Eater Sanctuary
These creatures can grow up to the size of a German Shepard dog. As the name suggests, anteaters eat ants and termites in vast quantites, sometime up to 30,000 insects in a single day.

The world’s Only Dragon Fly Sanctuary
With ancestors about 300 million years old, these impressive mid-air hovering insects are fascinating.Come into our dragon fly sanctuary and see these creature up-close and let them all over you!


D-Paradise’s Argo Park

From experimenting with space-age irrigation techniques to planting traditional vegetable plots, D-Paradise has it all – View the vine-yard terraces where we can control the fruiting of the grapes on an all year round basis; a mushroom facility that could become a supply industry model; vine and fig-tree seedlings for future plot plantings ; rubber tree tapping demonstrations and much much more…………………..

University trained agriculturalists are exploring with us the development and cultivation of non-tropical fruit plants for disease control, market gardening and medicinal purposes – if you are lucky catch one of our tours with the ‘Professor’ who will answer all your questions on these new bio-techniques.

You can even plant your own seed and come back next year to see if it survived !


Designed to showcase the regions indigenous tribes allowing us all to experience first hand how these people have survived in the jungle for centuries, in some cases since the dawning of man-kind.

The Village presents unique opportunities to have an experiential adventure you will not forget – to share a home cooked meal with a native family; search for medicinal herbs in the jungle; go on a hunting exhibition to catch game with a blow-pip; learn how to light a fire without matches; see how they make their intricate handicrafts and demonstrate cultural dances handed down from their ancestors.

A significant side benefit is the fostering of economic and cultural ties with the nations involved in this initiative which supports the Asean countries agenda of cross marketing each others tourism attractions.


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