Cultural Centre


One interesting ‘must visit’ place for tourists in Kelantan is the Cultural Centre (Gelanggang Seni) which is located along Jalan Sultan Mahmud (opposite Perdana Hotel). This place of interest display Kelantan’s cultural heritage whereby visitors will be introduced to traditional cultural dances and dance-dramas, kite flying competitions, top spinning and wayang kulit (shadow puppetry) since Kelantan is a centre for Malay culture, crafts and religion.

The best time to visit Cultural Centre would be during the evening since performances of wayang kulit and cultural dances such as Main Puteri can be seen at these times which also feature Kelantan’s famous musical instruments such as the large drums called Rebana Ubi. Other attractions include the gasing (giant top) competitions and the displays of the colorful wau (giant kites).



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