Pulau Manukan

Pulau Manukan, Sabah
Pulau Manukan This 51 acres boomerang shaped island is the second largest of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Manukan has good stretches of beaches on the southern coastline. The best stretch is on the eastern tip of the island. There is a trail system around the island. Ideal for snorkelling, diving and swimming. 20 unit chalets, a clubhouse, restaurant, souvenirs and diving c...
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Tiga Park Islands / Pulau Tiga Park

PulauTiga, Sabah
The Pulau Tiga Park comprises three islands -  Tiga Island, Kalampunian Besar Island and Kalampunian Damit Island situated in the Kimanis Bay, off the west coast of Sabah. Gazetted as a National Park in 1987, it covers approximately 15,257 hectares of sea and underwater habitat including the three islands. Lush forests serve as a soothing green backdrop for white sandy beaches ...
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Sipadan Island (Pulau Sipadan)

Sipadan Water Village Resort
Sipadan, located 30 km off Semporna on the East Coast of Sabah is rated as the world's top dive sites. For the true diving enthusiast, the island needs no introduction. Praised by the internationally renowned oceanographer and filmmaker Jacques Cousteau as one of the best diving spots in the world, it is unique as the only oceanic island in Malaysia. Its geographic position put...
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Layang-Layang Island

Layang - Layang Island
Layang-Layang Atoll Layang-Layang or "Swallow Reefs" is an oceanic atoll, which lies about 300km north of Labuan near the famous Spratly group of islands. It is a world class diving and fishing paradise. Some rate it as a "Big fish and wall diving Mecca of Southeast Asia". Its coral walls plunge and staggering 2000 metres down to the floor of the South China Sea. Its wa...
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Kinabalu Park

Mount Kinabalu
Kinabalu Park – Malaysia First World Heritage The Kinabalu Park covers a staggering area of 754 sq.km.(291 sq.mi.).Translated, it is bigger than Singapore Island! Establish as a state park in 1964, this botanical paradise is ranges over 4-climate zones, from the rich lowland dipterocarp forest through the montane oak, rhododendron, and coniferous forests, to the alpine...
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Tawau town centre
- Asia's Cocoa Capital. Tawau was once a small coastal fishing village under the Sultan of Sulu until it was ceded to the North Borneo Company in 1878. Now a bustling town for the cocoa and palm oil plantations industry, it is the industry leader in terms of research and development of cocoa. Visitors to Tawau must visit the cocoa estate at Quoin Hill to see a 'chocolate...
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Semporna, Sabah
- The town with its feet in the sea In the Bajau and Malay language, "semporna" literally means, "perfect". The town its feet in the sea, Semporna and its many islands are like a dream come true... pure white sandy beaches, coconut palms and tranquil waters lapping over colourful reefs in the beautiful turquoise waters of the Sulawesi Sea. The richness of the sea, fishes...
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Tunku Abdul Rahman Park

Tunku Amdul Rahman National Park
Tunku Abdul Rahman Park The Marine Park is a cluster of islands; Pulau Gaya, Pulau Sapi, Pulau Manukan, Pulau Mamutik and Pulau Sulug. Pulau Gaya hosts the Gayana Eco Resort, Bunga Raya Resort and the Gaya Island resort by YTL. Visits to these premises require prior bookings. Pulau Sapi, Manukan and Mamutik host beach activities as well as snorkeling and diving. Island tours c...
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Tanjung Aru Beach

Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu
Tanjung Aru Beach The Tanjung Aru Beach with its Prince Philip Park is just one of the many-splendor beaches in the West Coast Tanjung Aru derives its name from the abundance of tall casuarinas or Aru trees that grace the shoreline and Prince Philip Park was named in honour of the Consort of Queen Elizabeth II. There are countless magnificent beaches to explore and enjoy. Whil...
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