Pantai Cahaya Bulan

Pantai Cahaya Bulan, Kelantan
  Formerly known as the Beach of Passionate Love or Pantai Cinta Berahi, this is a picture post card beach. The name was then changed to the current name, which means the "Moonlight Beach". This lovely stretch of shimmering sand is perhaps Kelanian's most famous beach. Its warm golden sands and crystal blue waters amidst tall and graceful palms encourages one to just la...
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Pantai Irama (Beach of Melody)

Pantai Irama, Kelantan
This beach is facing the South China Sea with wide and long sandy beach. Pantai Irama Bachok (Beach of Melody) is popular among the locals and visitors and hence, during the weekends (Friday and Saturday), the beach will be packed with family and children. It is also a common place to hold concerts and events. It is situated along the main road of Bachok, Kota Bahru. Pan...
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Batik / Songket Centre

Songkek Centre, Kota Bharu, Kelantan
Songket, aptly dubbed Malaysia's "cloth of gold", is a proud legacy of the Kelantan and Pattani courts.Only 4km north of Kota Bahru at Kampung Penambang is a "songket" weaving factory. Here silk material is woven with gold and silver thread.Originally the silk material came from Thailand while the gold and silver threads were imported from India . Once strictly reserved ...
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Batik Factory

Batik Printing, Kota Bharu, Kelantan
Batik Printing is indigenous to Kelantan. In the past, basic cotton materials were printed using the stamp block method. Now much more sophisticated methods are used on a variety of materials, both for attire and as wall hangings. A visit to the factory will gives an insight into the entire process of batik printing. Some of the bigger factories are at Kampung Puteh, Kub...
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Cultural Centre

Kota Bahru Cultural Village, Kelantan
One interesting 'must visit' place for tourists in Kelantan is the Cultural Centre (Gelanggang Seni) which is located along Jalan Sultan Mahmud (opposite Perdana Hotel). This place of interest display Kelantan's cultural heritage whereby visitors will be introduced to traditional cultural dances and dance-dramas, kite flying competitions, top spinning and wayang kulit (shad...
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Fishing Village

Fishing Village, Kelantan
No visit to Kelantan would be complete without a trip to a fishing village dubbed "the soul of Malaysia's East Coast". Two of the most well-known villages are the Sabak Beach (approx. 14 km from Kota Bharu) and Kuala Besar (15 km from Kota Bharu). If you wish to fully capture the moment, you should arrive no later than 2:30 pm when the boats laden with the day's catch are ...
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Handicraft Village and Craft Museum

Balai Getam Guri, Kota Bahru, Kelantan
Also known as "Balai Getam Guri", the Handicraft Village and Craft Museum is located in the heart of Kota Bharu's cultural zone, within walking distance from the Istana Balai Besar and Buluh Kubu Bazaar. The Craft Museum houses many fine examples of Kelantanese craftsmanship. A restaurant called "Balai Sulur Gadung" is located on the ground floor of the building, wher...
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Islamic Museum / Syura Hall

Syura Hall, Kota Bahru, Kelantan
The history of Islam in the state can be traced at this Islamic Museum or also known as Balai Syura (Syura Hall). The museum is housed in a large two-storey traditional wooden house which used to be Kelantan's first school of Islamic studies. The establishment of this Islamic Museum testifies to the importance the state places on the religion. Exhibits inside include Isl...
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Istana Jahar

Istana Jahar, Kota Bahru, Kelantan
Kota Bahru is the capital of Kelantan, and it's located at the west peninsular Malaysia. It has a colourful local culture and it's also known as the 'cradle of Malay culture'. Istana Jahar (Jahar Palace) is located at the cultural zone and easily reaches by accessing from Jalan Hilir Kota and Jalan Sultan. Istana Jahar (Jahar Palace) is built by Sultan Muhamad 11 in 1887...
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New Central Market (Pasar Siti Khadijah)

Central market at Kota Bahru
Kelantan’s Central Market also known as Pasar Siti Khadijah by the local is a riot of colour. It is one of the most vibrant sites in the country where traders display brilliantly coloured fresh garden produce. Kelantan’s Central Market is mainly dominated and ‘ruled’ by the womenfolk. It may surprise you that a majority of stalls are run by women. From the early hours of...
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