Bukit Keluang

Approximately 140km north of Kuala Terengganu and a few kilometres from Besut, lies Bukit Keluang. The view in this area is one of the most breathtaking and magnificent in Malaysia. It is also an ideal site for swimming, snorkelling and wind surfing.


It doesn? matter whether you like to explore caves or not, for Bukit Keluang offers you more than that. For starters, the view in this area promises to take your breath away.

Best of all, the caves at Bukit Keluang is not too difficult for novices who are seeking casual exploration. There are easy walkways to help you along so all you need is a flashlight, good shoes and an adventurous spirit. Of course, exploring without a guide is not advisable.

keluang Pantai_bukit_keluang

Its distinctive features are caves, which are easily reached by walkways. Try to conjure up an image of a very peaceful village with beautiful wooden houses, innocent looking children playing games such as hopscotch or marbles, cows grazing in the field, swaying coconut trees, fresh cool breeze and a spectacular curve of white, sandy beach. This description describes Merang to a tee.


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