Bako National Park


Bako National Park, 37 kilometres from Kuching, can be reached by 30-minute drive to Kampung Bako and then followed by a 25-minute boat ride. The constant erosion over millions of years, had turned Bako into a picturesque coastline of steep cliffs, rocky head-lands and many stretches of sandy bays. The erosion caused by constant waves at the base of cliffs had carved and created many of the rocks into sea arches and sea stacks. Beautiful sandstone formation featuring pink and iron patterns on cliff faces can be seen along most of the coastline. Many, who have visited the Park commented that Bako National Park is a treasure chest of fauna and flora. Naturalists will be thrilled to find a wide range of vegetations including the varieties of pitcher plants and wild orchids. The varieties of vegetation found in Borneo can also be seen in the Park’s mangrove forest, mixed dipterocarp forest, peat swamp forest and kerangas forest.

Trekking through any of its 16 well maintained jungle trails is an interesting experience. Within the Park, it is not uncommon to see troops of long-tailed Macaques and silver-leaf monkeys along with giant monitor lizards, plantain squirrels, wild boars and mouse deers. The most significant animal in the Park is the bizzare long nosed proboscis monkeys found only in Borneo island.


Swimming, beach combing at low tide and sunset watching are popular activities along the sandy bays of the Park. Bako National Park is truly an ideal place for nature lovers and eco-minded adventurers.

Entry Permits & Fees
There is a nominal entry fee for all National Parks in Sarawak. Photo permits are also required. Check with the National Parks and Wildlife Office in Kuching or the Sarawak Tourism Board for the latest fee structure. Day trippers to Bako can obtain a permit and pay any fees at the boat jetty in Kanipung Bako.

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