Ayer Keroh

Ayer Keroh lies about 15 km east of Melaka Town. The town is a major tourist spot of the state, apart from the old Malacca Town due to its recent hosting of various interesting attractions.


Aborigines Museum
The museum displays the aborigines’ fishing method, agricultural tools, interior house design, weaponry, wedding customs, heritage, history and funeral ceremonies of the indigenous tribes.


Ayer Keroh Lake
This is yet another spot to note, especially for those who enjoy water sports. If you enjoy boating or canoeing, boats and canoes are readily available for rental. Go fishing, if you prefer some quiet and relaxing moments. Facilities such as a jogging path, a playground and eating kiosks can also be found here. With the scenic surroundings, this is an ideal place for family picnics and relaxing moments.


Auyin Hill Resort
Situated at Durian Tunggal northeast of Melaka town. A resort constructed based on the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui or Geomancy. The first of its kind in Malaysia. Everything has been placed beautifully relative to the principle of celestial and terrestrial positioning accuracy. This is to enhance its charm and prosperity. The place is decoreated with beautiful gardens especially the rose garden. On the hill, there is the match making stone.


World’s Bees Museum
The museum showcases around 250 type specimens of bee hives and hornet nests. It also shows the spectacular bee man show. It has different sections, such as bee keeping, species of bees, bee habitat and traditional tools used for honey gathering.


Garden of Thousand Flowers
The Garden of a Thousand Flowers was established by the Historical Melaka City Council on a 5.3-hectare land next to the Seri Negeri state government complex, Ayer Keroh. As the name indicates itself, this park shall delight you with loads of beautiful and unique flower species. Thousands of fresh breed flowers can be found here and take your time to scroll along this park.


Malacca Batik House
A traditional art form and an integral part of Malaysian culture, batik is any type of fabric imprinted with colourful patterns through the application of wax and dye.


Malacca Bird Park
Hailed as the first open aviary bird park in Malacca, is built on a 1.8 hectare site at the Botanical Garden in Ayer Keroh, Malacca. It has the largest aviary in Malaysia and will be the only bird park to house such a large collection of Malaysian bird species. With nearly 700 bird species calling the lands and waterways of Malaysia home, the bird park aims to protect every species and educate the public by hosting a number of educational and recreational programs.


Malacca Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary
One of the largest crocodile farm in the country, the Malaccan farm has over 200 crocodiles of various species including the Siamese, African Dwarf, Humpback and Indian Marsh.


Malacca Crocodile Farm
A sprawling 3.5 hectare park, housed on reserved forest land has been in operation since July 1987. Taman Buaya & Rekreasi Melaka Sdn Bhd (Melaka Crocodile Park) has about 100 species of crocodiles from around the world such as African Dwarf, Siamese, Indian Mugger, Hunchback and many more and they are kept in an atmosphere that is almost equal to their habitat.


Melaka Zoo
The Melaka Zoo is Malacca’s official zoo located in Ayer Keroh. Established since 1963, the zoo has over 1,200 live specimens of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Visited by almost half a million people each year, the Malacca zoo will be an insightful discovery of the richness of Malaysia’s wildlife. Visitors can view Malaysian tigers, wild oxen, rare primates and other wonderful creatures.


Mini Malaysia & ASEAN Cultural Park
Taman Mini Malaysia & ASEAN is a cultural park where impressive replicas of traditional Malaysian and ASEAN homes can be seen. Similar to the Karyaneka Handicraft Centre in KL, each house contains furnishings, fixtures and works of art depicting the culture of each state or country.

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