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AIRSIM ~ Your Travel Prepaid Card

Package Excludes
  • Courier Fee [RM 10.00]
  • Pick up from CUTI office [Phileo Damansara 1]

Terms & Conditions

AIRSIM is reusable, if you have purchased the suitable data package for your destination before the journey, you can enjoy the data service immediately upon your arrival. Simply with one AIRSIM card, you can enjoy data service in more than 100 countries.

Purchase of data package
You can purchase the data package in our website or Mobile App AIRSIM ROAM. Simply select the destination, effective date, duration, and then pay by credit cards. Once you arrive at the destination, the data package will be effective immediately.

You can top up your AIRSIM by credit cards from web site or Mobile App AIRSIM ROAM.

AIRSIM Balance
Once you top up your AIRSIM, you have the remaining balance in your AIRSIM account. Then you can use the balance to purchase the data packages.


  1. AIRSIM works on unlocked mobile phones or tablets such as iPAD only, but not compatible with pocket WiFi device (MiFi). You can use data sharing (Tethering) on your mobile phone or tablet if applicable.
  2. Except for 24 / 48 Hours Data Package, the daily data usage time is from Malaysia time (GMT+8) 00:00:00 to 23:59:59. There is no pro-rata calculation regardless of the activation time of data service. 24 / 48 Hours Data Package is a continuous 24 / 48-hour session starting from service activation.
  3. Most oversea mobile operators have Fair Usage Policy (FUP). We recommend AIRSIM users to disable the software auto-update function, and use free WiFi for activities that require high data usage.
  4. AIRSIM supports data service only. It does not support SMS. However you can download and use our AIRTALK ROAM App to call Local and Home Numbers.
  5. We suggest Dual SIM handset users to insert AIRSIM into SIM Slot 1, please make sure the data service network is assigned on SIM 1.
  6. For Dual SIM handset users, if you have inserted 2 SIM cards, please check and confirm the data roaming function and data service network are assigned to AIRSIM
  7. When you arrive at the destination, simply insert AIRSIM into the mobile phone, switch on Data Service and Data Roaming. Then please wait for about 3 minutes (some Android handsets require restart).
  8. Manual setup of APN may be required in some destinations, please refer to AIRSIM User Guide.
  9. After using AIRSIM or switch to other SIM card, please remember to turn off data roaming function, in order to avoid unnecessary roaming charges.
  10. AIRSIM will be expired if you have not purchased any data package in 1 year.

Cancellation Policy
No refund for cancellation. There will be no refund for services not utilise

Booking Summary

Booking Date

Select Package

Prepaid Card with RM 50 Stored Value

MYR 60.00 per unit

Prepaid Card with RM 100 Stored Value

MYR 100.00 per unit

Prepaid Card with RM 200 Stored Value

MYR 200.00 per unit


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