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General FAQs

CUTI's (cuti.my) is served as gateway for travel suppliers toward E-Commerce for online air ticket, tour, hotel and Malaysia travel information. CUTI is platform which gathering travel agencies products and visitor purchasing power, addition by the value-added service that will benefit both travel suppliers and consumer, therefore, a travel online community come to life, a community that is offer win-win solution to both travel suppliers and consumer.
Free Travelling Information

You can browse and study thru all travel information guide, travelogue, photo album, & etc before you are going somewhere in Malaysia.


Reservation and order tracking at your own convenience 24 hours a day.


Well-designed newsletter with the latest promotion information will be sent to you bi-monthly.

Travel Planning

Research on your tour online, share travel experience with/from other travellers.

Cost Saving

Enjoy great discount from our travel suppliers online.

Quality & Reliability

Travel products in CUTI are certified, CUTI are dedicated to provide reliable products & services.

Yes we do, please call + 6012-780 2884.

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 10:00AM - 7:00PM (GMT +8)

"Pax" means "Passenger" or "Person", a Passenger can be an adult, child (2-12 years old) or infant (below 2 years old).

At CUTI.my, prices for hotel reservation is based on Per-Room-Per-Night, while prices of tour package is quoted for the whole tour (e.g. 3D2N Langkawi Free & Easy) Per-Pax. GIT is a group tour package which required a certain number of mininum passengers (normally 4 - 10 pax).

These terms are usually used for hotel room reservation.

Single - 1 single bed in a room (max 1 pax only)

Twin - 2 single beds in a room (max 2 pax only)

Double - 1 double bed in a room (max 2 pax only)

Triple - combinations of above (max 3 pax only)

Quad - combinations of above (max 4 pax only)

Standard - either Twin or Double (max 2 pax only)

These terms usually used for air ticket reservation. These tickets are always cheaper than normal ticket.

GV3 - minimum 3 pax

Group - 10 pax or more

CUTI used to list out all information of the hotel but some CUTIzens and website visitors try to call to hotel reservation and want to do booking with the room rate offered by CUTI website (you should know that hotel front office always charge their guest at walk-in rate, which is higher unless there is any promotion which CUTI is not notified), and this will cause a lot of unnecessary communication task between CUTI support team and the hotel front office to accommodate the guest. We only show the contact number in the voucher for those who made reservation through CUTI.

Although CUTI's profit margin is much more lower than what you can imagine, we do provide some benefits to our customers:

GTO (Group Tri Organiser) - If you have a group of 10 adults or more (2 children are treated as 1 adult), CUTI will offer a GTO discount for you or your whole group.

You will never have this preferential treatment from other parties, lower or lowest rate with further discount, so why wait?

No, CUTI.my only accept FREE member (CUTIzen) registration online through this website.

CUTI.my is a brand name of NB Travel Sdn Bhd (649499-D) (KKKP4171). Since the beginning of our operation we have never issued any member card using the logo "Cuti-Cuti Malaysia". Our mission is to promote "Cuti-Cuti Malaysia" campaign online and to the whole world.

"Cuti-Cuti Malaysia" is a slogan for domestic tourism campaign that have been widely used among all Malaysian travel agents to promote Malaysia destinations. Some are not licenced travel agent, and we do believe that some of them are running improper business model to attract public to join as their member. We advise those who encounter this issue should report to any of the following organization:-

Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-Operatives & Consumerism
Complaint on Vacation Club

No. 13, Persiaran Perdana, Presint 2, 62623 Putrajaya, Malaysia
Hotline: 1-800-886-800
Tel: 603-80008000
Fax: 603-88825762

Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna Malaysia

Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan,
Aras 5, Podium 2, No. 13, Persiaran Perdana,Presint 2, Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan, 62623 Putrajaya.
Toll Free : 1-800-88-9811
Tel: 03-88825822
Fax: 03-88825831

Reservation FAQs

1. Select the travel package you are interested in.

2. You will be confirmed by CUTI support team for your reservation within 48 hours through phone, email or fax.

3. After payment is clear, you will be notify again through email, usually within 3 workign days.

4. Fulfillment (delivery) take place if necessary (free of charge).

You will be contacted by CUTI support team within 48 hrs for your confirmation via email.
You can cancel the reservation in our order tracking system for CUTIzen.

Yes we do, please call + 603-3343 CUTI (i.e. 3343 2884, the last four keys contains characters that form "CUTI").

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 6:00PM (GMT +8)

Fax: + 603-3345 3997, or leave a voice message.

You may contact us for any travel products that are not offering in CUTI at the moment, we will serve your requirement through our linkage to variety of travel suppliers.

Surcharge will only be imposed during the peak season that designated by each travel suppliers. Normally public holidays, school holidays and weekends, to some crowded destinations, are defined as their peak seasons.

Some travel suppliers apply multi-level of surcharge based on their super-peak or low-peak season. To avoid peak season surcharge, try to travel during the low season, normally you can get the lowest rate in a weekdays tour or accommodation.