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Nantou County is the second largest county of Taiwan. It is also the only landlocked county in Taiwan. Its name derives from the Hoanya Taiwanese aboriginal word Ramtau. Nantou County is officially administered as a county of Taiwan.

Its mountainous area makes it a tourist destination; Sun Moon Lake is located in this county. Other well-known areas of the county are Hehuanshan and Sitou. Notable cities in Nantou are Nantou City and Puli Town. Nantou County butterfly is the broad-tailed swallowtail butterfly. Nantou's tung-ting tea is one of the most famous and high-quality oolong teas grown in Taiwan.


Nantou County has an area of 4,106.436 km2 (1,585.504 sq mi) with a width of 72 km (45 mi) and length of 95 km (59 mi). It is the second largest county in Taiwan after Hualien County. There are 41 mountains with peaks over 3,000 meters high, with Mount Yu in Xinyi Township is the highest peak in Nantou County and in Taiwan with a height of 3,952 meters. Around 83% of Nantou County area is covered by hills and mountains. Rain that falls into the mountains area converge into the Dadu River and Zhuoshui River. There are inland ponds and lakes throughout the mountains in the county, such as the Sun Moon Lake, Bi Pond, Liyu Pond and Cilin Pond.


The annual average temperature in Nantou County is 23 C on level ground and 20 C on mountains. The annual average rainfall is less than 1,750 mm on level ground and 2,800 mm on mountains. The rainy season lasts from April to September and the summer lasts from October to March.

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