About Kaohsiung

Located in southwestern Taiwan, Kaohsiung is a city of a longish shape. It is cast in sunshine throughout a year and its weather is amiable. Mountains, oceans, rivers and ports make the citys geology and culture highly diverse. Kaohsiung used to enjoy a thriving economy for its steel and petrochemical industries, but now it is gearing towards cultural tourism, touting its history, nature and hospitality. An oceanic tourist capital it is!

Covering 2,952 square kilometers of land, Kaohsiung is Taiwan's second largest city. It has 38 administrative districts and each has unique geological features. Kaohsiung has many cultural resources and a wide range of agricultural and fishery products. The residents take pride in what Kaohsiung has to offer, and they share a tolerant culture. Starting in 2011, Kaohsiung has taken part in the International Awards for Livable Communities and in just three years it has already won 7 gold, 5 silver and 7 bronze prizes. This not only makes Kaohsiung the city in Taiwan that wins the most awards from the competition, but also a new popular tourist city.

Kaohsiung has a highly developed transport network, especially sea and air. In fact, Kaohsiung's ports are always filled with commercial and tourist ships from all over the world, and its international airport offers direct flights to and fro major Asian cities. Kaohsiung's railway and highway networks are also quite developed and convenient. The city's public transport is really advanced, including the rapid transit that's becoming more complete by day, as well as Taiwan's first light rail transit. All these make it much easier to enjoy Kaohsiung, especially cultural spots such as the world-famous Formosa Boulevard Station, diversified art installations, and boisterous street stands.

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