About Kowloon

Kowloon City is about as diverse as Hong Kong gets. Occupying the eastern half of the Kowloon peninsula, this district spans old neighbourhoods, leafy suburban enclaves, historic sites and the former Kai Tak Airport, which is now being redeveloped into a recreational hub.

In between youll find streets that are home to some of Hong Kongs most robust cultural communities. Little Thailand is a go-to spot for fresh Southeast Asian herbs, fruits and spices, not to mention deliciously spicy meals. Theres also a large community of Chiu Chow people who trace their origins to eastern Guangdong and in some cases, both Thai and Chiu Chow cultures have merged to create something fascinating and unique.

The diversity extends to Kowloon Citys history. This area predates modern Hong Kong by centuries, with landmarks dating as far back as the 13th century. Historic houses have been converted into coffee shops, old villages are being revitalised and former industrial facilities have become creative enclaves. This is also where youll find the remnants of the notorious Kowloon Walled City, a Chinese military outpost that grew into the worlds most unusual vertical slum. It has now been converted into a beautiful park with an historic site at its heart.

Delicious food, captivating history and the scents and sounds of lands far away if theres any district that proves how eclectic and multifaceted Hong Kong can be, its this one.

Kowloon places of interest