What is CUTI Coins?

CUTI Coins is a reward program to thank Cutizen for your continuous support in www.cuti.my. CUTI Coins was launched on 11 November 2018. All bookings made after the date are entitled for CUTI Coins reward.

How long are my CUTI Coins valid for?

For all CUTI Coins earned through tour package booking at www.cuti.my, CUTI Coins validity is 6 months from the credit day.
For example, CUTI Coins received on 1 Jan 2019 will expire on 1 July 2019.

For special campaign earned CUTI Coins are subject to the campaign terms and conditions.

You can always refer to your dashboard under to check your coins expiring date.

How do I get CUTI Coins?

When you have completed the trip, you will receive the CUTI Coins in your Cuti account. You may login to www.cuti.my to check the status.

CUTI Coins and Values

- For every MYR 1.00 spent in www.cuti.my you will earn 1 CUTI Coins.
- For every 100 CUTI Coins collected = MYR 1.00
(Last updated: 1st June 2019)
Please note, we reserve the right to make changes to the above rate at any time without prior notice.

How do I use the CUTI Coins?

You can always choose to utilize your CUTI Coins when you make a booking in www.cuti.my, by selecting how much CUTI Coins to submit in the booking summary. This has to be done before you proceed to check out and payment.

Will I earn Cuti Coins when purchase paid with CUTI Coins?

For any purchase made with CUTI Coins redemption, you will only be rewarded with the amount spent other than CUTI Coins.

For example, your purchase is MYR 100.00 and you choose to redeem with 1,000 CUTI Coins (=MYR 10 value):
*MYR 100.00 - 1,000 CUTI Coins= MYR 90.00
the CUTI Coins earned for this purchase = 90 CUTI Coins.


Cuti.my reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.