6 Natural Wonders to Visit in Western Australia in One Day (Beyond Perth)

You’re wildly mistaken if you think there’s nothing to do in Western Australia other than Perth. Far from being quiet and isolated, going beyond the city of Perth leads you to gorgeous beaches, wine regions, marine parks, and natural bush lands – plus you have a plethora of opportunities to see some of Australia’s wildlife.

Here are 6 amazing places with natural wonders you should visit in Western Australia that aren’t all about concrete jungles.


The Pinnacles may seem like a surreal planet, but is in fact a wondrous sand dune with fascinating limestone formations. Tucked within the Namburg National Park just 2 hours from the town of Cervantes, this bizarre natural formation teases people with its mystery, some of which you can explore at the Discovery Centre. Among other things, The Pinnacles is great for photos and sand-boarding, plus you may have a chance to see free-roaming animals. And if you think it looks impressive by day, wait till you see billions of stars shine over the landscape.

Wave Rock

Photo: Instagram/ @helloperth

Surf’s up! Did you know that Australia’s largest wave is nowhere near the coast? Wave Rock is a remarkable rock formation that resembles a wave about to crash against the sea. 15 metres high and 110 metres long, the granite cliff is more than 2,700 million years old and is a popular walking trail. After rains in winter, this unsuspecting natural wonder bursts into a beautiful colours with wildflowers growing as far as your eyes can see.

It is a 340km drive away (roughly 3-4 hours), but along the way you will be greeted by breathtaking countryside views spanning wheat field, canola fields and farmlands.

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Valley of the Giants

Photo: Instagram/ @valleyofthegiantstreetopwalk

It’s no wonder the Valley of the Giants is named as such: it is home to some of the largest tingle trees on Earth! Located in the southern part of Western Australia, the Tree Top Walk is an award-winning attraction that takes you through the magnificent treetops and forest canopy.

Once you get to the Ancient Empire Boardwalk, your heart will skip a beat as you stand amidst the ancient giants of the earth. Most trees here are over 400 years old and measure up to 16m in circumference. Valley of the Giant gives off a peaceful beauty as you immerse your senses in nature, and even children can find it fascinating to see the unique shapes of the trees.

Valley of the Giant is about 420km from Perth, a 30-minute drive west along South Coast Highway.

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Rottnest whizzes you to picturesque island beauty, beautiful beaches, and  swimming spots amidst pristine coral reefs. It is home to marine life such as seals, whales, and ospreys. On land, you can get up close to the cutest little marsupials ever, the Quokkas. The island paradise is a short ferry island away from Fremantle, Perth City and Hillarys.

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Shoalwater Islands Marine Park

Shoalwater Islands Marine Park is protected marine park filled with great snorkelling and diving spots, all rife with marine life. Penguins, starfishes, sea lions, and bottle-nosed dolphins are common residents among the reefs here. Joining a tour gives you an opportunity to swim with the dolphins.

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Margaret River

6 Natural Wonders to Visit in Western Australia in One Day (Beyond Perth)Wine regions, beaches and underground caves – Margaret River grants ad adventurous escape at the south-west corner of Western Australia. Some of the amazing cave complexes you can find in Margaret Cave is Lake Cave, where you can see the suspended limestone crystal that hovers over the cave ceiling. Another cave worth visiting is Mammoth Cave, home to ancient fossils.

Of course, if you have a taste for wine, you might be interested know that Margaret River has over 120 world-class wineries, such as Leeuwin, Vasse Felix and Voyager Estate.

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