You should see this fantasy square in Yilan, Taiwan!

Did you know that there is a whimsical, fairytale-like square at the railway station of Yilan?

Yilan is the hometown of a famous Taiwanese illustrator called Jimmy Liao, and this thematic square commemorates his work. Jimmy Square is located at the Yilan railway, where the former staff dormitory used to be. 

Here are some of the illustrations you can be part of. 

Credit: Instagram/ yokko_405

Experience the joy of childhood with the Starry, Starry Night Train ( 星空飛天火車), the huge centrepiece of the square.

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Credit: Instagram/ mikoyumochi

The Boy and Girl from Jimmy’s Starry, Starry Night – they wait quietly at the bus stop and form an emotional bond through the silence. 

Credit: Instagram/ namelessmon

You can wait with them too!

Credit: Instagram/ insta_leenie

Characters from Turn Left, Turn Right (向左走·向右走) – about two people whose fate keeps them from meeting and falling in love. 

Credit: Instagram/ joyzzli

Credit: hari_im

Let your imagination prance and fly freely like these deer and luggages. You can be part of the enchantment too!

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Credit: Instagram / stanley_dao

The beautiful murals are next to residences.

Credit: Instagram/ imhhk

Take the load of your shoulders…

Credit: Instagram/ leisikio

…pack away your troubles…

Credit: Instagram/ nmanida027

…step into a fantasy world.

Credit: Instagram / happycindy9

Happiness is just train stop away. 

Credit: Instagram/ bea514

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