9 Unique Workshops in Korea for Unforgettable Cultural Experiences

Want to try something different in Korea? These cultural workshop lets you experience the country’s traditions the hands-on, fun way!

1. Lotus Leaf Needle Work Class

Book this needle work class in Seoul, Korea

Gyubang-gongyae craft means elegant arts and crafts made by women, which includes bojagi, natural dying, knotting and embroidery. Popular during the Joseon Dynasty, it is used to make all kinds of household items like pin cushions, pouches, covers, wraps and clothing.

If you like craft and needlework, you can join a 2-hour workshop to learn how to make a lotus leaf cloth wrapper with a gyubang-gongyae craft artisan, who runs a gallery in the picturesque neighbourhood of Bukchon.

Price: From RM135 per pax

2. Traditional Paper Lamps Craft Workshop
Book this traditional paper lamps craft workshop in Seoul, Korea

Hanji is Korean traditional paper made with the bark of mulberry tree. Known for its quality since the Goryeo Dynasty (918~1392), vegetarian glue is used to make the paper tougher and spread the fiber evenly. Household items with hanji last longer and creates a soft, soothing glow in the room.

Make your very own lamp with this traditional paper at Jonginamoo Gallery, which is situated in Buchon Hanok Village. You will be guided by the master of paper craft, who will introduce you to the beauty of these beautiful lamps and the art of crafting this sturdy hanji lamp in 3 hours.

Price: From RM400 per pax

3. Osmanthus Wine Making
Book this osmanthus wine making workshop in Seoul, Korea

Once well known amongst noble women in the Goryeo Dynasty, Ehwa-ju or osmanthus wine is considered a healthy alcohol beverage in Korea. This fermented mixture has the texture of yogurt and can be eaten with a teaspoon. It is served cold and said to help with digestion.

If you are interested in tasting Korean alcohol, this traditional alcohol workshop is worth a shot. You can learn how to make ehwa-ju with instructions from Master Kim, who is an expert in the art of Samhae-Soju making.

Price: From RM223 per pax

4. Korean Traditional Mask Workshop
Book this Korean traditional mask workshop in Seoul, Korea

Koreans of the past believed that the act of wearing colourful and bizarre masks keeps them safe from the devil. Considered an Intangible Culture of Korea, traditional mask shows often make an appearance in different festivals in Korea.

Watching a mask show is an experience you would not want to miss in Korea, but why not dive deeper with a woodcraft workshop? Guided by Master Shin, an experienced mask artisan, you can get to know the process of making the masks and the secrets behind its mystical dance.

Price: From RM143 per pax

5. Indigo Dyeing Workshop
Book this indigo dyeing workshop in Seoul, Korea

Natural indigo dyeing produces the most exotic of blues, a colour which is popular in ancient Korea. It is said to have antibacterial properties that can protect the skin from insects and animals. Tie-dye methods are also used to create unique patterns and designs.

Learning about the textile art gives you an insight into an art beloved in Korean culture. Master Yun runs this workshop to share her guests traditional dyeing techniques. If you want, you can bring your own cloth (cotton or linen is most suitable to use) and turn it into an original piece.

Price: From RM238 per pax

6. Korean Beauty Makeup Experience
Book this Korean beauty makeup experience in Seoul, Korea

Now making waves across the globe, Korean beauty care focuses on health and hydration. If you would like to learn the secrets of K-beauty, follow TV host and beauty guru Siyoung down the streets of Seoul. She will bring you to several cosmetic stores in Gangnam, where she will share her personal recommendations suitable for your skin. Moving on to her studio, she will share tips on how you can apply makeup and clean your skin the K-beauty way!

Price: From RM276 per pax

7. Eco Printing and Dyeing Workshop
Book this eco printing and dyeing workshop in Seoul, Korea

Eco printing draws inspiration from the colours and patterns of nature, and you can bring it home in the form of a scarf through this workshop. It starts with a picnic lunch, where you can look for different leaves for your project. Once in the studio, you can learn to dye your scarf with designs of your own imagination. The scarf makes wonderful little souvenir to show off to friends too!

Price: From RM238 per pax

8. Temple Food Tasting Experience
Book this temple food tasting experience in Seoul, Korea

In Korean Buddhism, people believe that meals cooked with great ingredients can help one gain virtue. Temple food is cooked with natural ingredients and without meat or the five spices (green onion, garlic, allium, wild leeks and asafetida). With over 1700 years of history, it is appreciated by vegetarians and those who enjoy healthy food.

The art of temple food tasting is bound by the concept of “sharing” and “emptiness”. In spiritual terms, we must share food with others and remove greed from our minds. Created by Monk Dae-Ahn, a pioneer in temple food, you can learn about the virtues of temple food over dinner, and develop greater appreciation for the food prepared for you.

Price: From RM565 per pax

8. Temple Food Private Cooking Class
Book this temple food private cooking class in Seoul, Korea

Other than temple food tasting, you can learn how to cook several healthy dishes based on the principles of temple food, with instructions from a well-known monk chef. It is cooked without any meat or five spices, and makes use of every part of the vegetable, from root to leaves. Temple food also aims to keep food longer through fermentation or preservation in salt water or vinegar.

Price: From RM313 per pax

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