6 Alternative Nightlife Experiences in Taipei (Other than Nightclubs)

Nightlife in Taipei beats with the pulse of culture and urban colours. With vibrant lights, sights and sounds that jolt the city to life after dark, it is no surprise that there is plenty to do in Taiwan’s sleepless city centre! Getting into the nightclub scene is an obvious way to experience the nightlife here, but what other alternative things can you do? Here’s our recommendations.

Night Market

Shilin Night Market TaipeiThe number one nightlife experience you must try in Taipei is visit the plethora of night markets across the districts. When it comes to food, Shihlin Night Market tops the list as one of Taiwan’s largest and most popular night markets. Street vendors sell local delights such as oyster omelette, stinky tofu, bubble tea and deep-fried yummies. With another night to spare, you can visit the Raohe Night Market with a great selection of traditional cuisines.

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Karaoke (KTV)


Taiwan is obsessed with karaoke, so why not experience it the local way? There are many different places in Taipei where you can sing your heart out. You could rent a private room like Party World and Holiday KTV, where you can order drinks and add on more hours if you just can’t stop. Some locals can sing for as long as 12 hours!


Eslite BookstoreIf you prefer books over bars, how about visiting a bookstore? Eslite is a bookstore chain that opens for 24 hours and it is the first of its kind in the world! The first branch in Dunnan has five floors, each dedicated to different categories such as food, music, fashion or events.

Bookworms and culture vultures can perch themselves anywhere along the aisles or have a bite at the bookstore café, while being engrossed in a good book.

Stunning Views

You haven’t seen Taipei until you have seen the city’s tallest building. Taipei 101 is a must-see in Taipei and boasts magnificent panoramas from the observatory. At night, soar to the 89th floor and watch the city come to life with bright lights that stretch for miles on end.

Live Music

Brown Sugar Taipei

Taipei has its share of live music destinations as well! For classy cocktails and chic beats, Brown Sugar has a vibrant live jazz scene in the nightlife district of Xinyi.

For something with a more local vibe, head to Sappho Live House, an underground jazz bar where small and upcoming musicians make an appearance, especially at the Tuesday Open Mic Nights.

Night Hiking

Elephant Hill Taipei

Trek along the Elephant Mountain Hiking Trail to reach one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Taipei, where you can watch the city sparkle from a distance. The journey to the top of Elephant Mountain takes roughly 15 to 20 minutes, making it relatively easy to conquer. Go earlier if you would like to catch the sunset!

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