10 Best Penang food (Non-halal)

1 )  Hot Bowl White Curry Mee

whitePenang Curry Mee is one of the MUST TRY hawker food when in Penang. This dish is made up from the thin yellow noodles and rice vermicelli (which we call bihun / bee hoon ) here served with spicy curry soup and coconut milk. To complete the dish, locals usually add in extra ingredients like dried tofu (tau pok), pig’s coagulated blood cubes, prawn, cuttlefish, chicken, boiled eggs, long beans and cockles. Just thinking about it, i’m sure you are already drooling. In certain places in Southeast Asia, especially southern Malaysia, Johor and Singapore calls it Curry Laksa.
Their shop is situated along Lorong Abu Siti. Also nearby is the famous Abu Siti Lane jelly coconuts and fresh coconuts.


2 ) The Famous Penang Popiah @Padang Brown

IMG_2938The popiah (fresh spring roll) in Padang Brown located at Dato Keramat is perhaps one of the best popiahs in Penang! To be precise, it is located at the junction of Perak Road and Anson Road, opposite Convent Dato Keramat School. The popiah stall is runned by an old couple and selling point is, the popiah is stuffed by a lot of crab meat. This is why people call it Seafood Popiah!


3 ) Penang Air Itam Laksa

Pasar Air Itam Stall Air Itam is a famous town in Penang. In this town, you can find two of the popular destinations in Penang, the Penang Hill (Bukit Bendera) and Kek Lok Si Temple (極樂寺). This town is also where the one of the best Asam Laksa stall is located.


4 )Kim Leng Loh Mee, Perak Lane

Kim Leng Loh Mee, Perak LaneLoh Mee is one of the top 10 hawker food in Penang. Loh Mee is a bowl of thick, dark-coloured starchy gravy served together with yellow noodle and bee hoon, and with some vegetable and meat.


5 )  Koay Teow Th’ng @ Sungai Nibong

Koay Teow Th’ng @ Sungai NibongTheres this famous koay teow th’ng in Sg Nibong, near pesta penang, this coffee house is situated opposite kwong wah primary school, alot of cars will be spotted during breakfast and lunch hours. Other than koay teow th’ng, the yong tau fu in there is pretty impressive as well, i used to visit this stall of yong tau fu when i was small, surely is 1 of the best in penang.


6) The Cheapest Dim Sum in Penang – Dim Sum Food Restaurant


Dim Sum Food Restaurant serves one of the cheapest and best Dim Sum in Penang according to Criz. Not many restaurants in town serve quality and delicious Dim Sum from Shanghai or Hong Kong and at the same time at an affordable price but this restaurant do!

The highly recommended Gyoza (Pan Fried Steamed Bun & Egg Dunpling) is a common street food in Shanghai. It has the mild crisp on the skin and the filling is well stuffed while maintaining its juiciness. The Egg Dumpling tastes awesome although it looks just like an egg coated dumpling. This is a must try! Fatty meat lover? The HOT selling Nam Yu Bao (Red Fermented Bean Curd Roasted Pork Steam Bun) here is superb!

They serve other awesome and best Dim Sum like Har Gao, Har Mai, Steam Prawns on Fried Tofu, Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun and many more.


7) Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng & Mee Rebus, Seng Lee Cafe – The Legendary Indian Noodle

mamakmeepenangWhen talking about the history and legendary of Indian noodle, which is Mee Goreng and Mee Rebus, only a handful of stalls can actually compete with the one at Bangkok Lane, Pulau Tikus.

If you are coming from Komtar via Burmah Road heading to Pulau Tikus, you should see the Pulau Tikus police station on your right. Opposite the police station is a row of shophouses housing Penang Dental Surgery. Drive for another 50 metres, you should see Bangkok Lane on your right. The coffee shop is just at the corner of Burmah Road and Bangkok Lane.


8) Crispy Pork Pan Mee

IMG_6735” I Mum Mum Pan Mee” at Weld Quay. Its hidden in the PDC flat near Lebun Macalum. if you happened to pass by Jalan Tun Dr. Lim Chong Eu, try to pay attention on that area. They have a big banner indicating and showing you the direction and it should not be too far away from the banner. “I Mum Mum” has quite a lot to offer, as in one can opt to choose their own desired type of noodles. Price-wise, is very economical and affordable. Finding parking might be a problem during lunch hour, but its definitely a place that worth your trip to come down and savor their famous Pan Mee.


9) Solok Slim Wan Ton Mee – A Traditional Taste in a New Age


Wan Ton Mee is another unique favorite of Penangnites, simply because its taste is rather unique. Not known for excessive spice or oily aroma, it’s only speciality lies in its specially-made noodles.

Solok Slim serves a very delicious brand of Wan Ton Mee, complete with the usual helpings of char siew, wan ton and leafy vegetables. It also enhances its taste with a generous helping of mushrooms which give it a more powerful taste than most other stores.

This brand of Wan Ton Mee can be found near Heng Ee High School and is a massive favorite with the locals! You’ll definitely have to check this one out if you want to truly appreciate local Penang hawker food.


10) Crispy Roast Duck Rice – First Famous Federal Restaurant


Now onto a Penang lunch staple, chicken and duck rice. Penang’s literally full of stalls that sell Chicken or Duck Rice, heck every hawker centre practically has one or two! Thus, it’s nearly impossible to recommend the best in Penang however there are a few amazing ones that don’t get the amount of traction they deserve, one of those is the First Famous Federal Restaurant’s Chicken and Duck Rice.

It not only serves Pi Pa Duck which in itself is a good reason for a meal but also serves Roast Chicken, Char Siew, Siew Bak and Taiwanese Sausage. All these are served delightfully with rice cooked with pork lard or chicken oil which makes for a truly outstanding experience.

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