10 Best Food in Ipoh (Non-Halal)

Ipoh is the capital city of Perak state, Malaysia and also one of the largest cities in the country. It is approximately 200 km (125 miles) north of Kuala Lumpur and 130 km (81 miles) south of Penang on the North-South Expressway. It is also located within Penang state in the north, Sitiawan on the west, Cameron Highlands on the east and Tanjung Malim in the south in Perak.

Ipoh has a vibrant food scene with a vast proliferation of hawker centres and restaurants. It is well known for dishes such as “Sar Hor Fun” (Chinese: 沙河粉) a complete one-dish rice noodle meal with prawn, meat, fish, vegetables and a savoury sauce. Other dishes from Ipoh include “Hor Hee”, flat white rice noodles served with fish cakes and/or fish balls, “Nga Choi Kai” (Chinese: 芽菜鸡), chicken with soy sauce and beansprouts topped with pepper, “Hakka Mee” (Chinese: 客家麵), yellow rice noodles served with mince meat (pork) sauce and Ipoh’s famous pastry “Heong Peng” (Chinese: 香餅), literally translated to “fragrant biscuit”. The city is well known in Malaysia for its “Ipoh white coffee” where the coffee beans are roasted with palm-oil margarine and the resulting coffee is served with condensed milk.

Let explore more BEST FOOD in IPOH!!!

1. Restoran Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Kue Tiau 老黄记芽菜鸡沙河粉


MUST TRY : Steamed Chicken , Soup / Dry Hor Fan


Address: 49, Jalan Yau Tet Shin, 30000 Ipoh, Perak.
Operating Hours: 10.30am – 02.30am
Tel: +605-2544199

2. Nasi Kandar Yong Suan

Nasi Kandar Yong Suan

MUST TRY : Nasi Kandar Ayam Merah

Nasi Kandar Ayam Merah

Address: 2, Jalan Yang Kalsom, 30250 Ipoh, Perak
Operating Hours: Mon – Fri 10.00am – 05.00pm ; Sat – Sun 10.00am – 03.00pm
Tel: +605-2544316

3. Ayam Garam Aun Kheng Lim 宴瓊林鹽焗雞


MUST TRY : Dried Salted Chicken


Address: 24, Jalan Treatre, 30300 Ipoh, Perak
Operating Hours: 10.00am – 07.00pm (While Stock Last)
Tel: +605-2542998

4. Funny Mountain Soya Bean & Tau Fu Fah 奇峰傳統豆腐花豆精水


MUST TRY : Tau Fu Fah, Ice Lengkong, Ice Kacang Soya, Soya Bean


Address: 49, Jalan Theatre, 30300 Ipoh, Perak
Operating Hours: 10.30am – 07.30pm (While Stock Last)
Tel: +6016-5950369 / +605-5469968 / +6012-5161607

5. Restaurant Mah Pah 孖寶海鮮飯店


MUST TRY : Deep-fried Pork Hand, Curry Fish, Crispy Fish Fillets with Lemon Sauce, Vinegar Pork Trotters


Address: 67 – 69, Jalan Lau Pak Khuan, Ipoh Garden, 31400 Ipoh, Perak
Operating Hours: 11.30am – 03.00pm ; 05.30pm – 10.00pm (Cloased on every Monday night)
Tel: +6016-6561277

6. Restaurant Thean Chun 天津茶室


MUST TRY : Kai See Hor Fan, Steamed Egg, Pork Satay with Pineapples, Pohpiah, Chee Cheong Fan



Address: 73, Jalan Bandar Timah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak
Operating Hours: 07.00am – 12.00pm
Tel: +605-2553076

7. Sin Eng Heong Kedai Biskut 怡保加央角@新榮香


MUST TRY : Kaya Puff, Lou Poh Beng, Salted Egg Puff


Address: 64, Jalan Mustapha Al-Bakri, Jalan Clare, 30300 Ipoh, Perak.
Operating Hours: Mon – Sat 09.00am – 09.00pm ; Sun 09.00am – 06.00pm
Tel: +605-2439659

8. Ipoh Dessert Street @ Rainbow Town 怡保糖水街 @ 彩虹城


MUST TRY : Stall No. 15, 22, 26, 33


Address: Jalan Sultan Idris Shah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak
Operating Hous: 07.00pm – 12.00am

9. Restaurant Ong Kee – Tauge Ayam 安記芽菜雞沙河粉


MUST TRY : Bean sprouts Chicken Tice, Keuy Tiao Soup with Fish / Pork Ball


Address: 48-51-53, Jalan Yau Tet Shin, 30300 Ipoh, Perak.
Operating Hours: 12.00pm – 02.00am
Tel: +6012-5008011

10. Xin Quan Fang Curry Mee 新泉芳咖喱面


MUST TRY : Ma Ta Liu Curry Mee


Address: 174, Jalan Sultan Iskandar, Ipoh 30000, Perak
Operating Hours: 07.30am – 12.00pm
Tel: 6016-5314193

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