Top things MUST BUY at Taipei

Speciality products from around Taiwan are available here in Taipei Creatively wrapped foods, beverages and other Taiwan-made consumer goods make prefect gifts!

Leaf Teas

Leaf Tea

Taiwan’s 200-yeas-old tea heritage helps ensure that Taiwan teas are expertly handled and cured. Northern Taiwan’s Tieguanyin and Pouchong varieties are well known at home and abroad!


Pineapple Shortcakes (Feng Li Su)


Taiwan grows plenty of deliciously sweet and tart pineapples. Only the best go into making deliciously tart, succulent sweet pineapples shortcakes. Each maker is constantly innovating recipes to make their shortcakes ever both delicious and healthy.

Cakes and Pastries

Mung Bean Patries

Cakes and pastries are integral to Taiwanese gift-giving traditions, with mung-bean pastries, mung-bean cakes, brown-sugar cakes and sun cakes among the most popular. New twists are often introduced to diversify and enliven these offering.


Mullet Roe

Mullet Roe
Winter is the season for fresh mullet roe, which is packed in salt and air-dried. This rich, natural product is a premium-grade Taiwanese food item that is sold in Dadaocheng, Nanmen Market and speciality food shops in department stores.


Taiwan Brown Sugar Ginger Tea

Taiwan Brown Sugar Ginger Tea

Mummies are advised to drink ginger tea and/or longan red date tea during their confinement. These teas will help to warm the body, dispel “wind”, nourishes the blood and aids blood circulation.

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