Check your passport – Before you travel !

Look after your passport. Check it every time BEFORE you travel.

Your passport is the second most important thing, after your ticket. If your passport is damaged or close to expiring you may not be allowed to enter some countries.

1.Check the expiry date on your passport


Everyone should know that passport’s expire date is less that 6 months is not able to travel to oversea. Even some countries may allowed to enter, but the for safety purpose please renew your passport before travel to oversea.


2.Check you have enough empty visa pages


If you’re a frequent traveller your passport will have been stamped numerous times as you entered and left various destinations around the world.

If your passport does not have at least 1 empty visa page, or pages with enough room for a Customs or border protection officer to place a stamp you may be refused entry and your travel could be delayed.


3. Check your passport is not damaged


Damage to your passport may affect the photograph and the performance of the security chip that contains your personal information.

If your passport is water damaged, ripped, or it’s in a generally bad condition you may be refused permission to enter a country.

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