Things to Do in Hokkaido


1. Bie-cho

Bie-cho 2

Located in the Kamigawa District of Hokkaido, Bie-cho’s rolling hills and spectacular landscape have earned it the well deserved nickname of “Japan’s most beautiful village.” Bie-cho’s most famous spot, the Blue Pond, was picked as one of the wallpaper images for Apple Macs.

2. Rusutsu Resort 

Rusutsu Resort

Located at the foot of Mt. Yotei, Rusutsu Resort is one of Hokkaido’s biggest resorts. As well as ski slopes, there are also other entertainment facilities including hotels and an amusement part, and in winter, you can enjoy the power snow.

3. Furano Lavender Fields 

Furano Lavender Fields

Lavendar fields in Farm Tomita in Furano-cho. The best time to visit is from early July to early August, where the blooming lavender spread as far as the eye can see. At night, the fields are illuminated, giving a whole new atmosphere to the fields. The shops around Farm Tomita are also great – we recommend the lavender cream.


4. Night View from Mt. Hakodate

Night View from Mt. Hakodate

There is a spot at the peak of Mt. Hakodate which offers a spectacular night view of the whole of Hakodate that will leave you speechless. There is a ropeway that will take you to the peak, and there a many cafes and restaurants from which you can enjoy the spectacular view.

5. Tomamu 


The only resort spot open all year round in central Hokkaido. The resort has one of Japan’s largest indoor pools and the ski slopes are opened in winter. It is one of the best places to enjoy powder snow around the world.

6. Kakizaki Shoten

Kakizaki Shoten

A popular restaurant on the way from Otaru towards Yoichi. The reason behind its popularity is its “hokke teishoku,” or atka mackeral meal, which is bigger than your face! Here you can enjoy fresh atka mackerel, caught from the sea and brought straight to the restaurant.

7. Ramen 


The typical Hokkaido ramen is miso ramen. If you want to try some great miso ramen, we recommend visiting Susukino Yoko-cho, where famous ramen restaurants line the streets. On the 10th floor of ESTA, which is directly connected to Hokkaido Station, you can find the “Ramen Republic,” where famous ramen restaurants from all over Hokkaido have opened up shop.

8. Kushiro Wetlands

Kushiro Wetlands

Designated as one of the Japan’s natural monuments, and the breeding ground of the Japanese crane. In winter, you can enjoy watching the Japanese crane resting in the wetlands, and the area offers a variety of outdoor activities, including canoeing and horse trekking.

9. Sapporo TV Tower 

Sapporo TV Tower

Standing tall to the west of Sapporo Odori Park is the Sapporo TV Tower. The Sapporo TV Tower is open to visitors, and you can enjoy a fantastic night view of Sapporo from the observatory deck of the tower. The tower is illuminated at night, and the coloring of the illumination changes with the season.

10. Soup Curry 

Soup Curry

One of Hokkaido’s local dishes. Different to regular curry, the sauce is very thin. There are about 250 soup curry restaurants in Sapporo City, so you can enjoy a wide variety of flavors.

11. Hot Springs 

Hot Springs

Hokkaido has a lot of great onsets, with unique hot springs dotted around the whole region. There is nothing better than relaxing in an outdoor bath while enjoying the winter scenery. Jozankei in Sapporo City is a great example of a hot spring town of Hokkaido.

12. Steam Locomotives 

Steam Locomotives

SL Fuyu no Shingengo, the steam locomotive running on the Senmo Line connecting Kushiro and Shibecha Station, cuts through the Kushiro marsh, giving you the chance to see a wide variety of wild animals, including the Japanese crane. With announcements like a guided tour and all sorts of souvenirs and food available on the train.

13. La Vista Hakodate Bay 

La Vista Hakodate Bay

A 13-storey hotel located near to Hakodate Port. The top floor has a hot spring from which you can enjoy the spectacular night scenery of Hakodate. The hotel offers a delicious breakfast menu which is rated highly in the “Best Hotel Breakfast in Japan Rankings” every year. “Katte-don,” a rice bowl where you can pile on your favorite fresh seafood.

14. Abashiri Prison 

Abashiri Prison

One of Hokkaido’s most famous museums, Abashiri Prison has dolls of prison escapees, and holds all sorts of events, including events where you can sample the prison food.

15. Mt. Moiwa Ropeway 

Mt. Moiwa Ropeway

Mt. Moiwa, located in the south west of Sapporo City, is a 531m tall mountain. You can reach the top via a ropeway, where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the whole of Sapporo. At the peak of the mountain, there is a restaurant and planetarium, making it a popular spot with tourists.

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