50 Good Reasons Why Krabi is so great! ≧◠◡◠≦✌

Why Krabi? You may ask this question when you see the larger number of tourists flocking to this small southern province of  Thailand. Some of them are repeat visitors. The answer is not only because of the pure nature and pristine beaches but also because of the good combination of the land and its nice people who have a service mind. Here are 50 simple reasons to prove why Krabi is so great! ☜(ˆ▽ˆ) ☜(ˆ▽ˆ)

1. Ao Nang

The polestar of  Krabi’s seashore attractions, Ao Nang is a perfect location to start a memorable trip in the province. The long white sand beach with wonderful limestone mountains as the backdrop provides stunning sea views, especially during sunset. Along the shoreline of Ao Nang is a shopping street offering a variety of products and services, tour agents, massages, and spas where many comfortable accommodations are set just a step away.

You can enjoy a huge selection of food from MaDonalds to many good restaurants that offer seafood and international food. From Ao Nang, it is very easy to hop around to the nearby islands such as Koh Tup, Koh Moh, Koh Kai, Koh Poda, and Railay Bay by long-tailed motorboat. It is just a few minutes by motorbike to Nopparat Thara Beach and National park

2. Nopparat Thara Beach :  The beach occupies almost three kilometers next to Ao Nang Beach. Nopparat Thara Beach is so attractive because of its Natural setting. It is located on the month of a canal. When the tide is low, the canal route turns into a sand pathway stretching to a small island in front of the beach

3. Koh Poda

 Unique and charming, Koh Poda stands out from the pristine turquoise water that surrounds it. The island is one of several popular stopovers for swimming and sunbathing. Nearby  is the location for the renowned “Talay Waek,” a beautiful sandbar connecting three small islands.

4. Koh Kai Unique and funny, this island is naturally shaped like a chicken head so it is called Koh Kai, literally translated as Chicken Island. Around the island is a good spot for snorkeling.

5.Unique Boats Most of the major tourist attractions of Krabi are located in the sea, so you cannot avoid hiring a boat. Many kinds of boats are available to serve tourists but normally the local people use long-tailed motorboats made of wood to travel across the water. Some of the boats feature artistic paintings on their prows while some have been adapted to serve as floating mini bars.

6. Krabi Town Small and silent but enjoyable, the town of Krabi is good for a walking tour starting from the river to the lively marketplace in town. Krabi is a quiet little town by the sea, where low rise buildings and houses line the peaceful streets of its hilly townscape. The town is also the hub of transportation for visitor to proceed to other fascinating parts of the province. Among the old buildings are good bars and restaurants but most tourists often talk about exotic dining experiences at the group of food stalls located at Chao Fah Pier next to the river where you can sample a variety of local food.

7. Seashell Cemetery (Susan Hoi)

Due to geological changes in the earth, a large fresh-water swamp that was home to millions of snails 75 million years ago has become a seashell cemetery.

8. Khao Khanab A pair of mountains stand facing each other on the opposite banks of the Krabi River, Khao Khanab has become the unique symbol of the province that always stuns passersby and tourists with this incredible creation of nature.

9. Krabi International Airport Since Krabi has become one of the most desirable choices for holidaymakers, the number of tourists interested in going there to experience pure nature and excellent services has risen. Krabi International Airport thus recently opened a new more modern terminal for more convenient service.

10. Limestone Mountains Krabi is embraced by a number of huge limestone mountains. When traveling in Krabi, you will be fascinated by scenes of imaginative free-form massifs along the way, especially on the local road to Ao Nang Beach at Ban Saithai.

11. Klong Muang Beach Klong Muang Beach is a good option for more peaceful repose where you can enjoy pristine nature and an excellent ocean view. The combination of sandy and rocky beach created beautiful scenes along the long shoreline. Klong Muang Beach offers various choices of accommodation to fit your style, ranging from budget to five-star luxury resorts. Many top-class hotels are being constructed and will be open soon

12. People Living in such a charming and peaceful town like Krabi, there’s no wonder why the people of Krabi are proud of their hometown and pleased to welcome their visitors with smiles of warm hospitality and generosity.

13. Ban Natin A small peaceful community located near Ao Nang Beach, Ban Natin is a handicraft village where tourists can see handmade products such as Batik fabric, pineapple-fiber paper, and decorative items made from coconut shells. The village is worthwhile for a stopover and home stay accommodations are also available if you want to get a closer view of the local lifestyle.

14. Tiger Cave Temple Besides being the sacred temple of the town, this temple is also the archeology site of 2 periods, pre-history and the early historic era. The mountaintop in the premise of the temple is also the best viewpoint to overlook the whole Krabi town.

15. Hong Islands Surrounded by limestone cliffs, the cove of a green lagoon and its surrounding area of Hong Islands is one of the best spots for kayaking as well as diving down to explore the vivid garden of coral reefs is Krabi.

16. Jamuk Kwai Cape Part of the less explored seashore of Krabi, “Buffalo Snout Cape”, has a deserted atmosphere. It is especially interesting for rock buffs because you can find interesting for rock buffs because you can find interesting artistic creations rendered by nature in stone, such as the famous hole that looks like a buffalo’s nostril. The beach is spread over with multi-shaped stones in various colors such as pink, red, and even purple. The beach was once a favorite picnic place for local people but has been almost forgotten today.

17. Ao Tha Lane Famous for canoeing, Ao Tha Lane is a perfect place for such recreation. Encompassed by limestone mountains and mangrove forests, the beautiful complex of nature always stuns its visitors.

18. Tung Teao Forest A lovely forest located in the area of Khao Pra-Bangkram some 20 km. from Klong Thom district, is a virgin forest with natural ponds, rare flora and many species of birds.

19. Phi Phi Don Island

 Phi Phi Don has long enjoyed a good reputation as a striking island destination for international tourists. The island has many marvelous bays and powdery sandy beaches with lots of fantastic accommodations. The viewpoint on the top of the island is worth the exhaustion when you can see a bird’s-eye view of the two magnificent bays of Ton Sai and Loh Dalum facing each other.

20. Phi Phi Lay Island A good spot for snorkeling, Phi Phi Lay Island is renowned for its underwater paradise with colorful and lively coral reefs as well as its steep cliffs and white sandy beaches. In the northeast of the island there is a big majestic cave called “Viking Cave”

21. Klong Song Nam A unique natural phenomenon, Klong Song Nam is where two canals with two different tides meet causing magnificent natural beauty and bio-diversity amid the wetland forest.

22. Maya Bay

Located on Phi Phi Lay Island, Maya Bay is the beach that appeared in the Hollywood blockbuster movie, “The Beach”. It is a superb location for the ultimate repose. The exquisite scenery of the bay includes high limestone hills with cliffs surrounded by white powdery beach and pristine emerald seawater.

23. Tarnbokkhoranee National Park Covering a vast area of sic hectares, located some 45 kilometers from town, the national park houses lush and shady forests with different species of trees surrounding a magnificent crystal clear pool call “Sra Bokkhoranee”, after a spring in Thai myth. The main attractions are beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.

24. Phi Hua Toh Cave If you dare to visit  “Skull Cave”, you’ll find it on Phi Hua Toh (Big Headed Ghost) Mountain, surrounded by mangrove swamp. The cave features some pre-historic paintings apart from wondrous nature. The cave can be reached only by boat but on the way you’ll get fantastic river scenes.

25. Palm & Rubber The lines of rubber trees and oil palms are inseparable from the landscape of all the southern provinces. Krabi is no exception. Many roads are sheltered under the arch of bending rubber trees, making your drive more enjoyable.

26. Hot Waterfall Not far from the Emerald Pond is Krabi’s only hot waterfall where visitors can bathe in the natural Jacuzzi tub. Relieve your body and mind with warm mineral water from inside the earth.

27. Wat Klong Thom Museum Not only beads from some 5,000 years ago, the museum also houses various kinds of artifacts discovered during archeological excavations including stone tools and stone and earthen ornaments in the shape of animals. The museum provides evidence that proves the long establishment of human settlement in the area of Krabi.

28. Emerald Pond

 Nature is always a wonder. The pond of clear emerald-like water in the middle of the jungle is one of Krabi’s fascinating mysteries that always successfully captured the imagination of visitors.

29. Accommodations A wide range of accommodation in Krabi is another reason most holidaymakers decide to visit this gorgeous destination. All styles of lodging from world-class hotels to budget bungalows and home stays can be found in beautiful natural surroundings. Most of them provide international-standard facilities amenities.

30. Cliff Climbing

The most popular activity at Railay beaches is rock climbing, which attracts adventures from around the world to test their strength and bravery. There are many institutes and companies providing climbing equipment and tuition for beginners and advanced climbers to ascend to the top of the mountain peak safely. The reward for those who overcome the height is the tremendous panoramic ocean view.

31. Phranang Beach The beach of serenity, Phranang Beach can only be reached by boat from Ao Nang. Although visited by a number of tourists, the beach still retains its unspoiled nature and white soft sand suitable for various beach recreational activities.

32. Railay Bays Split by a cape, Railay Bays are divided into two parts-east and west, connected to each other by a small walking trail. Both East and West Railay Bays offer ideal spots to hide away from crowded major beaches with various styles of comfortable accommodations available.

33. Good Variety Food It is much more than you expect. Krabi is where you can enjoy the most gastronomic fun with a massive selection of food ranging from fast food, to seafood, international, Muslim, Chinese to local Southern and island food. You may try “Nong Joke” restaurant in Krabi Town for an incredible taste of seafood and some other local cuisine.

34. Tubkaek Beach Located near Ao Aang Beach but so isolated, Tubkaek Beach is an ideal place to hide away from any crowded scenes of famous destinations. The long beach of Tubkaek is clean and silent, giving a breathtaking view over the horizon where a group of islands called “Mu Koh Hong” lies ahead. So, Tubkaek Beach has a wonderfully charming sunset to die for. A few good accommodations are available right at the beachfront. Behind the seashore of Tubkaek is the mountainous area of the National Park where, to test your strength, a walking trail to the top viewpoint on the mountain begins.

35. Phranang Caves One of the major attractions of the Krabi seashore, Phranang Caves (both Ineer and Outer Caves and Phranang Lagoon) offer incredible views of marvelous nature.

36. Beach Fun Most of the beaches in Krabi are made of white soft sand and pristine clear water that is suitable for swimming, sunbathing, sports, and any other beach activities to enjoy the most of your holidays.

37. Water Sports No motorized sports will interfere your reposeful activities while you are lying on the beach. Krabi is protected as a conservation area for those who seek freedom and solitude.

38. Services Different races and languages are not a big deal if you shine with the service mind like the people of Krabi. Friendly service with a smile from the heart is one of the endearing characteristics that will impress you while you spend your vacation in the province.

39. Khao Phanom Benja National Park-Huay Toh Waterfall Located 20 kilometers from town, Khao Phanom Benja National Park features natural wonders such as streams, waterfalls and wild animals hidden in the thick tropical rainforest. The most visited waterfall is Huay Toh Waterfall where the current of water runs down over rocks onto 11 huge pools.

40. Lanta Island National Park Covering the area of many small islands, Lanta Island National Park is surrounded by rich beautiful coral reefs and beautiful sandy beaches. The park headquarters is located on Lanta Yai Island where lots of accommodations are waiting for you to check in

41. Saladan Pier

By : Denduean Panyada The first impression of Koh Lanta, Saladan Pier is the main town of the island and the major marketplace with some nice seafood restaurants, bars, and shops. It is the starting point for exploration where you can find travel information and sevices.

42. Old Town of Lanta

An ancient community that was established on the island long ago, today the old town has less movement but it is still worthwhile for exploration. Low-rise wooden buildings standing along the streets will remind you of the good old days of sea trading.

43. Fire Dacing If you spend your evening at some of the bars or restaurants on the beaches of Lanta Island, you may experience one interesting part of the beach culture-a fire dancing show presented by a man who performs amazing acrobatics while playing with burning torches and ropes lit of fire. The quick movement of body and fire make wonderful sparkling pictures in the dark.

44. Health & Spa
Krabi does not only soothe you with the sight of the fascinating sea, but will provide you with deep relaxation and natural therapy with some of the finest spas on the beach.

45. Bakantieng Beach Bakantieng Beach offers the ultimate hideaway for repose in a charming natural atmosphere. Spectacular crystal-clear seawater and soft white sand make the beach a wonderful place even if it is only one kilometer in length. On the beach you may also find a very romantic sunset and spend your leisure time in the utmost privacy. There are a few accommodations to choose from, from a family-run bungalow to chic & hip resorts, to five-star lodging.

46. Lighthouse on Lanta
The symbol of solitude, the lighthouse tower of Lanta Island is located on the southernmost tip of the island called “Tanod Cape”. It is s spot that is not reached by many people, thus providing more immaculate nature.

47. Eco Tour Because of its bio-diversity and richness of natural resources, Krabi is a good place for eco-tourism. Krabi is ready to welcome visitors who seek unique recreation such as kayaking, diving, trekking, and bird watching. Some local tour operators offer a great deal of eco adventure tours in Krabi

48. Batik If you are looking for a souvenir from this town, Batik would be one of the first recommended choices. Batik is an ancient wisdom that turns a piece of cloth to a colorful artistic work.

49. Lanta Lanta An annual festival held on the island to portray pictures of Koh Lnata in the old days when merchant junks still filled its now abandoned port. Features in the festival are cultural shows, street art, performance, etc.

50. Andaman Sea Festival Krabi Buek Fa Andaman is the annual event held during the month of November to promote tourism in Krabi. There are many water sport competitions, cultural events and other fun activities.


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