3D2N Johor Bahru + Universal Studios Singapore

Day 1 – Late Night

At first, i decide to make this trip only for 2 days 1 night. But then, i extend it to 3 days 2 nights stay as i could feel that i would be tired after back from USS. Me and 3 other friends arrive Johor Bahru on Thursday late at night around 1 am. Since it’s already late, after check in hotel and get a brief explanation about our bus schedule to USS next morning, we went to room and sleep.

Day 2

We wake up early around 6.00 am since our bus schedule is around 7.00 am. The bus is base on first come first basis. Then we went at the hotel lobby and proceed to the shuttle bus counter. Sadly, the person in charge at the counter said, the 1st shuttle bus is already full and we need to wait for the next trip which is at 9.00 am.

So, we had no other choice but to wait for the next trip. Then, while we’re having breakfast, suddenly the bus counter receptionist approach us and says there’s a group of people didn’t check in for the 7.00 am bus, so he ask either we still want to wait till 9.00am.. NO!!! i was super excited to go USS already!! anddd that’s how i got the 1st shuttle bus to USS!

Journey to USS took around 1 1/2 hours including the immigration process. Since we went there on Friday, which means a working day, i could see that both Malaysia and Singapore immigration is too much crowded. You could see people running towards the immigration counter after they jump out of the bus to work.

We arrive at Resort World Sentosa around 8.30 am. I was to excited to go USS, but the gate only open at 10.00am. Since it’s still early, we decide to took a short walk around Resort World Sentosa and had some breakfast and 1 of my friend also need to go to money changer.

At 10.00 am, USS gate already open, and yeahh.. I feel like a little kid again! Ok here’s a thing you should do when you already inside USS. Grab the map of USS. It’s updated frequently so you will be able to know when the Waterworld show schedule, Shrek 4D show, and more.



They only have 2 rides attraction.

1. Madagascar : A crate adventure. It’s a slow ride. Best for little kids.
2. King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round which is basically just a merry-go-round.

The food outlet at Madagascar : Marty’s Casa Del Wild is HALAL.


Madagascar A Crates Adventure



Here got 4 attraction
1. Enchanted Airways : Roller coaster
2. Shrek 4D adventure : I really2 enjoy this show!!
3. Magic Potion Spin : For little kids
4. Donkey Live : We went there just to have aircond since it’s indoor.. hahaha

Far Far Away Castle


Total 5 attractions.

1. Waterworld show : A must watch show!! Full of action, explosion and water splashing!
2. Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure : You will get wet. Get your raincoat on.
3. Canopy Flyer : Short ride roller coaster
4. Dino-Soarin : Enjoyable for little kids
5. Amber Rock Climbing : Didn’t go there because additional fees applies

WaterWorld Show

WaterWorld Show



Total 2 attractions

1. Treasure Hunters : Slow ride
2. Revenge of the Mummy : Indoor roller coaster!! It’s a must ride one!! I was shock with their surprise!


Total 4 attraction

1. Battlestar Galactica HUMAN : The red color track. It’s super fast! And you will get dizzy
2. Battlestar Galactica CYLON : The blue color track. Turns you upside and down. and super dizzy
3. Accelerator : (Spinning cup) I didn’t ride it since i was toooooo dizzy after riding Battlestar Galactica
4. Transformer’s The Ride – The Ultimate 3D Battle : The best ride ever!!!

Battlestar Galactica HUMAN (Red), CYLON (Blue)

Battlestar Galactica night view


1. Lights, Camera, Actions! Hosted by Steven Spielberg : You will feels the winds, fire’s and explosion
2. Sesame street Spaghetti Space Chase : For little kids
3. Street’s Show 


 only 1 attractions

1. Monster Rock show. A must see show, and watch Frankenstein dancing. I just feel it’s cute..
They also have Daddy O’s street show
At 8.00 pm, they have fireworks at the lake!


Hollywood Street at night


We reach back at Johor Bahru around 11.00 pm. After reach the hotel, we take our car and head out to town for late night dinner

Day 3

Back to KL. Before went back to KL, we had breakfast at JB town. We went to ZZ SUp Tulang and had the best ‘mee rebus tulang’ in town. Then we head to KL.

The End.

Thanks for reading.



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