4D2N Songkran – Thailand Water Festival @ Hatyai, Thailand

The annual Thai New Year – Songkran Festival approaching, Thailand rope according to which the joyous atmosphere. At this moment, the Thai people usually splashing each other to celebrate, it is also called Songkran. Splashing traditional practices means that can wash away the past year did not go well, a new start to the new year.

Songkran now interesting ingredients majority, so to Thailand, if they are throwing the whole body wet, do not be angry Oh! 🙂

In fact, the traditional Songkran is not only Thailand only. Such as neighboring countries: Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia race, also celebrate this holiday.

If you have a plan to spend your family vacation abroad, Thailand is the best place to be.

The Songkran festival  is celebrated in Thailand as the traditional New Year’s Day from 13 to 15 April.

This is the traditional Thailand New Year celebration that comes from the Sanskrit word meaning change or move. It is a time for renewal and cleaning, correcting bad attitude or behavior as well as setting new resolutions. Songkran festival is celebrated 3 to 10 days, however depends on which place in Thailand you want to celebrate this occasion. The Songkran Festival 2013 is expected to be most grandeur and fun as there are many activities that you must witness.Let’s started my journey :  ~ Day 1  : We start the journey from Klang toright down to the boarder of Thailand via coach which is night time departure , and straight right into Hatyai City.

As a state in west Malaysia, we need a passport to enter the Hatyai, Thailand & for the people of Kedah, Perlis and Kelantan enjoy priority has to use only non-boarder-pass passport, which serves to reduce many tedious procedure when entering the ‘Land of Kings ‘because they will call.

Day 2 : Reach Hatyai , we have our breakfast at Hatyai Town & famous hot-spots in Hatyai < NORA PLAZA > . From crocodile leather to stingray skins, you can find many many exquisite hand-made products here. The prices were ok, but do just have a glance through the souvenirs as they could be attained at a much more cheaper price later.

  Just outside, one could get a taste of some exquisite foods sold there, like shark’s fin soup, bird’s nest soup and many others. The prices are quite killing, but it’s worth a try though, all 100% real products, at least that was what I was told then.Then transfer to check in Hotel ; prepared the ” WATER WAR ” and free & leisure until night time

Get ready to get wet!

The next day, its still the same Water war continues..Its fun & Enjoy it so well .All of the travellers stand infont the hotel mail door & started the Water war .

Floating Market


Last day, we have a short walking distance to nearest “kopi tiam” having our breakfast & transfers to wet market for the last shopping before going back to hotel prepared to wait for the bus & say bye bye to HATYAI^^

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